Annual Ritual Called New Year Resolution.


What’s time, and how best can it be defined? Aside being a system of numerology, does the year end?

In the continuum of existence, human beings carry out endless rites that end with the transition called death yet life goes on even when loved ones die.

While we live, with endless desires and aspirations that harbour countless ups and downs, we tend to prefer good to bad and wish for the best while praying against the worst but in between the line good and bad as well as best and worst happen to us sometimes without our consent, giving no dime about our feelings and expectations. Yes, while it’s normal to pray for success and good health, we often fail and also become chronically ill and sick. Against the run of play, some people have suffered unjustly with some dying painfully prematurely amid all cautions and precautions while some who throw cautions to the dogs live to old age!

*To the living, avoidance of pains compares to none* even when the person derives joy from inflicting pains unto others. In pursuit and conquest of happiness, one may deliberately plot the downfall of another but this in its entirety is very idiotic little wonder there are many idiots compare to those who toe this path…

Because time, and age, is a number, at the end of anticipated number, in this case, the end of December and before the beginning and early January, the human mind runs amok with resolutions often colored with celestial jargons. At the cross over night, new year resolutions permeate and pollute everyone and everywhere but few hours and days after, many go back to their vomitous, helplessly doing the things they resolved not to do again in the new year! *Why?*

You don’t need to make resolutions to be real you; and you don’t need to please anyone to be yourself! Cry your cry; carry your cross but most importantly, enjoy the fantasy of being yourself. Express yourself fully in the cosmic rays of existence… Let your light shine.

With or without resolutions, life goes on. And every life comes to an end at the last phase with or without resolutions.

Livy-Elcon Emereonye

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