The Igbo Question.

My people,

The greatest tragedy to befall Ndigbo politically will be shying away from claiming their place in the leadership of Nigeria. It’s a right; and political rights are attained through struggles.

Nobody will offer us the chance to govern Nigeria on a platter. We must fight for it. Since 1999, the Presidents we have had are all products of political struggles – NADECO/Abiola’s June 12, Niger Delta militancy, Boko Haram terrorism, etc.

Nobody will offer us Restructuring unless we fight to breaking point. At least four zones in Nigeria must fight to break the country or get RESTRUCTURING as an irreducible minimum.

I was in Gregory University Uturu 3rd of January where Igbo leaders gathered at the World Igbo Summit. I was privileged to attend as a Discussant with Dr Sam Amadi in the same capacity.

H.E. Amb. Dr. Umunna Humphrey Orjiakor delivered the keynote paper, which set the tone.

Prof Chinedu Nebo moderated the business session. Note that the 4 of us are all from IBI, aside Prof Greg Ibe, Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu, being a patron to IBI as well.

I can assure and confirm to us that all the Igbo leaders at the Sunmit insisted that Ndigbo must fight for their right to preside over Nigeria as well as fight for Restructuring with other parts of the country.

There is also another National Conversation coming up February 4th here in Abuja to engage the rest of the country on the expediency of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction. The conveners coincidentally are also from IBI. We beleive Ndigbo have to negotiate so that the rest of the country will not claim that we did not declare their interest.

The National Conversation coming up 4th February here in Abuja will therefore be a great opportunity to reply and engage the likes of Issa Funtua who claim that Ndigno do not belong. Like I said, Ndigbo have every right to fly the flags of 2 major political parties. We have paid our dues if you ask me. SOUTHEAST for example have consistently voted PDP and their Fulani, Yoruba and Ijaw candidates. It is our turn to be voted for by them and fight we must to force such attention. Even if it means taking our turn to mismanage Nigeria so be it! But I am certain a Nigeria President of Igbo extraction will perform more than average. More importantly, Nigeria President of Igbo extraction will heal the wounds of the Biafra war and engender unity and national development.

Any Igbo leader who claims Ndigbo have no business asking for a chance to govern Nigerian needs to reexamine his or her conscience. Such declarations should not be coming from among us.

Those of us who are already in the field will confront all foes, including the few Igbos who may choose to join our detractors. We fear no foes.

Ndigbo, let’s unite! Power is not given; it’s taken. We must fight for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction as well as Restructuring for they are not mutually exclusive. We are entitled to both.

Infact, the struggles for both President of Igbo extraction and Restructuring reinforce each other, and whichever comes first will make the coming of the other also easily possible.

So, Ndigbo, pls unite. Each one should contribute his or her little quota.

There is no stopping an idea whose time has come however one tries.

Law Mefor.

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