United In Roguery and Misappropriation.

So, Nigeria has so degenerated and rotten to the level that 469 persons will agree to misappropriate and share N37bn/$112m, in country that budgeted only N48bn as capex for all the Federal Universities without any one dissenting voice?

469 men and women, agreed to corner N37bn in a country that houses over 100m extreme poor people, and none of them was tugged in the heart to raise a finger to say hey let’s apply common sense here ?

Rather than even publish publicly the renovation BOQ for all to see , they have all chosen to spit at our faces with their atrociously lame defenses .

See ehhh, going forward, it will be hypocrital and grave insult to any living conscience to address any of the 469 NASS members as honourable or distinguished.

See there is nothing distinguished or honourable about any man or woman who engage in collective and conscienceless gangster misappropriation of the commonwealth of the people placed under their care .

You can see clearly that there was no we are PDP, APC or YDP in this united misappropriation games. You can see clearly there was no we are Igbo , Yoruba , Hausa or Fulani or Christian or Muslim in their united efforts in misappropriation

Do you now see the reason why it will be difficult to RESTRUCTURE NIGERIA under this band of rapacious Hyenas and Ravens .

Chai. Big Shame !

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka.

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