The Siege on Igbos In Todays Nigeria, Is An Uncanny Replica of 1966 to 1970 Ugly Experience.

I watched helplessly and in deep agony the video clips that showed the raid of shops belonging to Igbo traders in Yaba by a combined officers of the Customs and Army .

Over N2bn worth of goods were carted away and their money boxes looted .

I have heard stories of uncountable horrible and excruciating experiences of Ndi Igbo in the hands of their internal army of occupation along the Sagamu to Owerri expressway this season. The story has been the same since the advent of this decade .

The border closure, the siege on our roads and the raids on Igbo traders shops are all targeted at one goal. Cripple them economically to destroy them . They are executing all this clinically, while our leaders pretend as if all is well

In all these narratives of woes, I am yet to hear the pronouncements or intervention of Ohaneze or any of our political leaders on these ugly narratives

I hate injustice. I loathe oppression. I will rather leave this planet than be oppressed or swallow any forms of humiliation.

I will rather leave this planet than allow anyone humiliate me or my own .

I will give up the last air on my feet fighting as a man, than to die the shameful death of a coward and dog on tethers being pummeled.

Igbos must rise up to end this madness. We must stand up as a people

Our leaders and those who purport to represent us have individually and collectively betrayed us. The only area they have shown deep capacity is the area of the social quotient….. that is party, steal , loot , attend weddings and all manner of social functions where they exhale their binge.

Our people, the youths and the proletariat are also lost in the genuflecting worship of these men of the political underworld. What kind of spell is this ?

Unfortunately, a vast majority of them lack the most minimum intelligent and emotional quotients to fight for the good of our people.

This madness must stop. We cant be this helpless . NDI IGBO WE CANT .

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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