The Mess at Ebonyi State.

It looks terrible. It calls to mind the cry by the ex lawmaker from Afikpo for Gov Umahi to pay her what was paid to her colleagues.

Her letter revealed a sense of entitlement to off the books compensation. It also revealed a disturbing pattern of financial inducement of compliant law makers and punishment of non compliant members by the Governor.

She was asking for nonstatutory compensation as a matter of entitlement because her colleagues received such. Denied. Lawmakers are not entitled to nonstatutory compensation.

Governors should not be making discretionary nonstatutory payments to lawmakers.

The relationship between Governors and State Lawmakers is one that has failed for the most part.

Let us be clear, the abuse can be both ways. It is commonplace for lawmakers who fail to receive off the books compensation, contracts and what not to raise bogus impeachment charges to force the Governor’s hands or else constitute a clog or an embarrasment until they are settled.

Bottomline is that overwhelming majority of people get into politics at every level to leverage their positions for monetary gains.

It is not working out. Aso Rock is not the only problem we have in Igboland. Our State Governments are dysfunctional.

Gwon Wolo.

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