Security At South East.

I have been calling for a Joint Security arrangement for the South East, pleading with our political leaders in this platform to take it up with our Governors through the South-East Governors Forum, yet, I don’t have an inkling if any of them has made any move in that regard.

The vandals, the criminal bandits and their comrades in crime will move to the South-East when the heat from the South-West Security operations become unbearable to them. That’s when hell will let loose upon our people.

Why can’t our political leaders here just rise up to the existential challenge facing Alaigbo? Why this apathy for our collective wellbeing? Honestly, all our political leaders need to close up and work together like the South West.

History and posterity will not be kind to those who are doing anything to safeguard our land while occupying the positions as our political leaders.

Frank Okay.

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