Death By Artificial Meat.

If you are eating genetically modified foods or drinking milk from homone raised cows or eating chicken raised with antibiotics and hormones, you need to know that your life is at stake.

Here are the issues:

1. There are close to 8 billion people on planet earth that have to be fed.

2. To keep up with food demand, we need to radicalize crops and poultry for rapid development hence GMOs … genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and hormone induced growth and maturation.

3. In the case of broilers, they go from hatching to dinner table in as little as 6 weeks.

4. They need to grow as big and as fast as they can by using synthetic hormones.

5. Because of their weakened immune system and growth surroundings, broilers are susceptible to diseases and a lot of antibiotics is used to buy them time.

6. Unscrupulous growers tend to be more interested in maximizing their yield than minimizing the health impact of these hormone and antibiotic raised animals.

7. Speaking about health impact, eating antibiotics in chicken can alter the microbiota of the gut and altered microbiota can affect the immune system. Precisely, it can make it hypervigilante. Hypeevigilante immune system can predispose one to an endless list of autoimmune diseases. Altered microbiota can also weaken the immune system. Weakened immune system can impair the ability of the body to mop up cancer cells as they develop.

8. So ingesting antibiotics in meat can have devastating health impact particularly for people with impaired detox functions such as impaired liver and leaky guts.

9. Coming to hormones, artificial hormones ingested from meat can cause a host of diseases including cancer.

10. The body needs precise tuning of its hormonal levels and it does this by 1. opposing them with other hormones. 2. shutting down release triggers and 3. altered expression of receptor proteins.

11. But the body cannot do this precise fine tuning if the hormone does not register in the body through the normal channels.

12. The result of exogenous hormones is metabolism that is out of sync. When hormonal levels are out of sync, every system in the body is out of sync. Every system.

13. Not just cancer, mental health including attention deficit, hyperactivity, depression, lack of emotional balance, impaired mental turgidity are at play.

14. Many families raising their children on hormone-containing milk and meat think that looking poko poko like broilers is a sign of good living but the kid can look tall, beautiful, handsome but check their mental and emotional balance and see that these kids are emotionally out of sync and usually have abysmally low attention and stress tolerance.

15. For adults who have stopped growing, out of sync metabolism can hurt in many more ways than one can mention including altered mentation and predisposition to cancer.

16. So how for do? Lets go back now to the 8 billion number.

17. If people don’t die, the planet will soon run out of space. So the artificial foods are necessary to keep up with food demand but are also necessary to kill off people in many ways.

18. So if hunger, wars and famine don’t kill enough people, the artificial foods do their best to contribute to population control.

19. So you have a choice. Eat these artificial foods and die and make room for others to come into our overcrowded planet. Or

20. Avoid them and simply deal with terrorists, war and hunger afterall something must kill a man.

Happy New Year


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