Predicting 2019 Presidential Election.

Registered Voters in Kano and Lagos States: 12 million.

Political party in both states is APC.

One incumbent presidential candidate is in APC.

Another former VP and presidential candidate is in PDP.

Kano state is in the northwest, while Lagos state is in the southwest.

The incumbent presidential candidate is from the northwest, while the incumbent vice presidential candidate is from the southwest.

The other vice presidential candidate is from the northeast, while the vice presidential candidate is from the southeast.

The northwest and southwest have 7 and 6 states respectively, with a total of 20,158,100 registered voters in the northwest, and southwest with a total of 16,292,212. Both regions have a total of 36,450,312 registered voters.

Northeast have a total of 11,249,104 voters, while southeast have 10,057,130. Both regions have a total of 21,306,234.

Northwest with 7 states have 6 APC governed states and 1 PDP governed state, while Southwest with 6 states have 6 APC governed states. Therefore, both regions with 13 states have 12 APC governed states and one PDP governed state.

Notheast have 6 states with 4 APC governed states, including the state of the other candidate being governed by the APC and 2 PDP governed states. Then, the south east with 5 states have 1 APC governed states, 1 APGA governed states (openly rooting for APC) and 3 lukewarm PDP governed states.

In a nutshell, Northwest and Southwest have a 12 APC states and 1 PDP state; while northeast and southeast have 5 APC states, 1 APGA state and 5 PDP dormant states.

In both regions, out of the 24 states, APC have 17 States with one APGA state supporting them. And the PDP have 6 dormant PDP states.

With the simple analysis I presented above, I, Chijioke Paul Okeifufe, hereby concludes that there is absolutely no hope for the PDP in the forthcoming presidential election. Those hoping for Atiku to win are just dreaming.

Chijioke Paul Okeifufe

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