Ayekooto Akindele Wrote.

At a point in my Church, myself and my wife with a few others were the only Buharists. The potency of the PDP propaganda was so loud that many members looked at me(in particular) as the evil spirit. The lies were that Buhari and the APC are Fulanis who hate others, want to occupy the entire Nigeria. Buhari and the APC are Muslim Party that is killing Christians all over the country and thirdly, Buhari is over 70, ‘time to allow youths to take over’……these were the potent propaganda of the PDP that made a stubborn Buharist like me looked like an antichrist. The decision of those fooled by these lies was that The Church Must Not Vote for a Fulani. The Church Must Not Vote for a Muslim. The Church Must Not Vote For anyone over 70 years…..

Ordinary, I would have stayed away from the Church or change my parish but I am very stubborn and when I am convinced about a cause, I can lay my life down for it. I resolved that I will defend what I believe Spiritually and I will defend what I believe Politically too.

Anytime anyone twisted a Bible verse or message to abuse PMB, I always found a way to reply, if it was a Sunday Sermon when I can’t ask questions, I will reply the Pastor or whoever that preached when I’m doing announcement. Later, I was removed from making announcement, they put me where I will talk before the message, so by the time I speak next sunday, I would reply the previous Sunday….If it is Digging Deep, I will ensure I clarify heresies stubbornly!!!! Some people began to like me and PMB, yet we’re are still not up to 15% but we were growing. Later, I took the war to the Whatssap Group of the Church, I made sure that political messages are prohibited from the group, that way, hate messages and PDP lies will be curtailed. Then, They could not abuse PMB openly again, they now whispered, when they saw me, they paused or stopped.

At a meeting, I was challenged why I am supporting PMB, I was so happy that day. I enumerated PMB achievements like a University Don. In fact, some hardened haters of PMB confirmed this, some of their parents got pension alerts, some saw wonders in the rail and roads, N-Power etc. The number was growing…..

But GOD proved HIMSELF after the PDP Primary in PH, Atiku won. I laughed so much that day. I was laughing, my wife was laughing…..why?????

The next sunday, after Workers Meeting, I told everyone that indeed, they now have a choice between ATIKU and PMB. Pastor was quiet. I said, PMB and Atiku are both Fulanis, They are Muslims AND above 70 years but PMB is not a Thief, Atiku is……What do we do??? The Pastor started laughing and said “It’s like God want PMB to do Second term”….I said “You need to be sure sir”…And we started laughing again…….

Today, over 80% of us are PMB. Everyone is asking me for 4+4 T-Shirts, I pray I don’t enter into debts. Suddenly, their eyes are opened and they realised that the PDP are hypocrites and liars. They now analyse PMB achievements far better than I do, they discuss it on Whatssap….lol, I don’t object political talks on our Whatssap again, after all, it is favourable……..

Imagine, if I had behaved like Jonah and left the Church, what would have happened to Nineveh???

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