Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction: We Are Ready.

President Buhari tried three times and lost , he announced in a press conference that he would not run again . Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and co went and recruited him and he won ,
Former President Obasanjo was in prison , serving a life sentence. The military, recruited him and he won . Former President Umaru Yaradua , was recruited by Obasanjo and he won .former president Jonathan, was not the choice of the South South and he won .
Let it be known, that the South East are ready for the presidency. They must not be accused of ethnic Presidency. Individuals abound who could be recruited. Parties have a duty to recruit any candidate of their choice from the South East as was done for South West before now .Its a moral burden, which Nigeria, owes the South East. Those arguing that the South East are not ripe , are blackmailing the people of South East zone. Its important , we know this . If Presidential power as it stands now is going to the Southern Nigeria, it can only go to the South East for equity, justice and fairness. It’s a moral burden which Nigeria must resolve. It can only heal a wound , it can only tell people from that zone , that they are part and parcel of the geographic entity called Nigeria. It can be used to end the CIVIL war .

Some persons have even painted a false picture, that a military coup of over 5 decades, was an Igbo coup but we have seen that it is not true ! Igbos cannot plan a coup, in a government, they have Commanding positions.
South East is ready to serve, people abound, history would be made ! Now is the time because the people are ready like other zones .
Nze Elvis J Agukwe.

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