Nigeria President- 2023.

Nigeria President- 2023

At this point, and more than has ever been clamoured for, it was time for the Igbo nation to step-up and lead whatever was left of this nation state of Nigeria.

This country, or what ever apparition one can adduce to it, fervently requires the uncommon intellectual sagacity, resourcefulness and grit of men from the east!

Let it be on record, that all the major regions have been seen to be duly represented at the center in contemporary times.

President Obasanjo was correct in his clarion-call in this regard and l join-in, with the rest of the collection of conscienable citizens of Nigeria to begin to mouth this motion even ahead of 2023!

We cannot afford to continue failing at our collective ability to govern ourselves. We cannot and in our attempting to getting things right, perhaps it was time to try-out the ‘untested’ region – the East!

Hardly have l been witness to a man from the east fail at a venture he has set his heart and mind upon to achieve.

Let us look to the east come 2023.

Madu Bright O Alwell
December 26th, 2019

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