Ex Gov. Ihedioha: A Tale of A Wasted Opportunity.


Few months ago, EX governor Emeka IHEDIOHA had a golden opportunity to write his name in gold in the developmental epoch of IMO state. He failed to use it wisely. Instead of focusing on drafting and executing a development policy and providing the much needed leaderships for ndi IMO, shockingly, Emeka IHEDIOHA dedicated his first six months in office fighting Rocha’s and demolishing properties erected with the common wealth of ndi IMO.

When i studied and observed the folly in his course of action, I launched a series aimed at drawing his attention to the obvious derailment or his mandate. I wrote public letters and strong worded admonishments all aimed redirecting EX governor Emeka Ihedioha.

Unfortunately, He paid no heed and instead of spending his time commissioning projects, he chose to go on a demolition spree. He demolished Akachi Towers, He demolished freedom park, he demolished some of the statues that gave Owerri its tourist value.

He sent thugs and hooligans after anyone and anything distantly associated with Rochas. His government keep showing the world photos and videos of recovered plastic chairs and warehouses containing empty bags and used doors. He demolished over 3000 imported artificial palm trees used by Rochas to beautify Owerri and pulled down the over head decorative bars installed in most parts of IMO state. He sacked 6000 workers hired by Rochas.

The climax of the show of shame was when Ihedioha sent thugs to slap the daughter of his predecessor who doubles as the wife of his main political rival. Without building anything, ihedioha shut down 3 hospitals Rochas built for ndi IMO that offers free medical services to the poor. He invited EFCC and encouraged them to eject people from their homes and seal estates where innocent hardworking ndi imo lived just because they were Rochas projects.

His drive to bring Rochas down was on a maniac level. He spent millions of IMO tax payers monies on hosting media influencers and journalists to spread false news and damaging propaganda against Rochas. The show of shame shut down the internet after IHEDIOHA and his thugs stormed private houses, seized personal properties and even shared a video of the recovered underwear (Black Panties) of an Ethiopian woman who he alleged was Rochas girlfriend.

I knew at that point that Emeka IHEDIOHA has lost it and that he had nothing to offer ndi IMO. A man of purpose would never be that petty and vendetta driven. I felt really sad for imolites hence my resolve to embark on an offensive against the then governor.

Now he has been sacked, What will IHEDIOHA be remembered for?

How many projects did he execute?

How many projects did he demolish?
More than 20 projects.

How many innocent persons did he harass and assault? Countless

How much did his foolishness cost IMO tax payers?

This is the legacy of ex governor Emeka IHEDIOHA
This is what he will be remembered for.

The governor who demolished IMO state.

Congratulations to ndi IMO
The madness has come to an end.



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