British Royal Exit.

To understand the issues surrounding the so-called ” royal exit ” , one must go back to the ‘ fatal accident ‘in the Paris tunnel in 1997 which culminated in the death of Princess Diana, Harry’s mother.
It wouldn’t be stretching the truth too far, if one was to conclude that the event have had a significant psychological impact on the princes, none more so, than Prince Harry.

The rumours surrounding his paternity have not helped matters either.To paraphrase, Oscar Wilde, to loose one’s mother in such a tragic accident might be considered as carelessness , but to have your paternity questioned will be described as wilfully malicious.

Fast forward to the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. An independent woman with a 21st century perception of life, married into a dysfunctional royal family with 18th century traditions.To most discerning observers, the crisis which we are witnessing today is threefold:racism, revenge and feminism.

Firstly, the British class system is an unforgiving institution.Meghan, doesn’t tick the right boxes in any shape or form. Not by birth nor by upbringing. Regardless what she has brought to the royal family, her colour and background is totally at odds with the nuances of the British monarchy. The British press has ensured that she understands that she’s not one of us ‘ .
Her independent mindset coupled with her strong feminist approach, hasn’t helped matters.She expressed her dislike of the rigid nature of the monarchy.She believed that it reminded her of her dislike of the hierarchical nature of institution of marriage, especially one which made so much demand on her independence.

Prince Harry, married Meghan, firstly, out of love
and secondly,to protest the circumstances of her mother’s death. She died because she dared to marry ‘ beneath her. She fell in love with a black man and a Muslim which brought the monarchy into disrepute.
Prince Harry replicated her mum’s footsteps, hence his current problem.

The question one should ask is: what role is his brother, prince William playing in this royal opera?
The misconception by the vast majority of people is that Kate and Meghan could not get alone.That’s an untruth.

The problem is sourced in Prince William’s refusal to support Prince Harry marriage to Meghan.He opposed it in no uncertain terms. Prince Harry found his opposition similar to his mother’s inconveniences.
Recent reduction in the number of royals slated for frontline duties was calculated to ensure that a half cast doesn’t ascend to the throne, perhaps, by accident or design.An exercise which exacerbated an already frosty situation between the princes.

The announcement of their exit from royal duties was inevitable. With Meghan, out of the country and Prince Harry left to bear the irks of the British establishment, one wonders whether Harry and Meghan will not leave the monarchy critically diminished.I suspect that their presence in the United kingdom will soon become footnote of history.
Interesting times ahead for House of Windsor.

Uchenna Nzekwe.


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