Chief Osondu Orgazi is Adamant Labour Party Will Produce Next Imo State Governor.

Chief Osondu Orgazi (Life Race) called C.V.Akuta Media Sunday 25th November  2018 from Nigeria to discuss why he has left France to join politics in Nigeria especially at the state level, his choice of Labour Party, his support for Chief Ikechukwu Joseph Ukaegbu (Ikenga) and why he wants Imo citizens to support his candidate.

On why he joined politics, Chief Osondu Orgazi (Life Race) replied that there are so much problems in the state, lack of proper resource management, owing of workers’ salaries and pensioners, lack of progress, lack of good health care facilities, insecurity, high unemployment among the youths, attempt to run Imo State like a family business etc. He maintained that the state is not where it supposed to be at this level.

According to Chief Osondu Orgazi (Life Race), those presently aspiring to govern Imo State in 2019 does not have the prowess and pedigree his candidate who is Chief Ikechukwu Joseph Ukaegbu (Ikenga) posses. Above all, he is putting all his local and foreign experiences, exposures and expertise for the use of Imo State Labour Party’s candidate.

He reiterated the endorsement given by Archbishop Obinna, the Catholic Bishop of Owerri and other prominent Imo citizens to his candidate. He gave the history of Imo State politics and explained why Labour Party will produce the next governor of the state. He maintained that Chief Ikenga has a lot to offer Imo State. If elected the Labour government will run on three thrusts, agriculture, infrastructure and re-orientation. According to Chief Osondu Orgazi (Life Race), God is interested in Imo State. He wants all Imo Citizens to join hands and elect Labour Party’s candidate into office by February 2019.

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