Obinna Victor Orgazi (The Brainbox) And The Burden of Leadership.

In recent times, the concept of leadership has been the most difficult one to understand, yet it remains the most discussed amongst people of different categories within every strata of the human society as a network of free human interaction.

A true leader according to Kwame Nkrumah is one who literally speaks the language of his people and who lives with his people to ascertain their needs and their problems as well. In the underdeveloped/ developing countries, many have been deluded by group of imposters and charlatans, who cash in on the gullibility of the majority of impoverished populace to capture power,but with the ill will of self glorification and primitive accumulation of public treasury.

Since his birth for 33years ago, The Victor Obinna Orgazi(Brainbox), a vibrant and ebullient motivator, becomes a child of circumstances with barrage and plethora of leadership lacuna surrounding his immediate and social environment. Beginning from his secondary school days, he was able to sustain most of his friends who were faced with economic/financial challenges, a culture he maintained up to the higher institution.

What baffled everyone was when God blessed him with bigger economic fortune, Hon. Obinna declared that ”…all that God has blessed me with, I rededicate to the society for my joy and fulfilment is hidden in the fact that I’m doing my calling” and from that moment, he embarked on massive youth empowerment scheme that saw more than 55 youths of Umuaka and Njaba extraction singlehandedly sponsored their travel to abroad across different parts of the world, some for academic pursuit and others for greener pastures to help support and sustain their different respective families down here. However, as a vibrant young man, he resisted every act of self centred investment, instead, he appreciated the necessity for HUMAN CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

in fact, the only leadership problem our society is facing today having men and women of ill will putting on mask of deceit, through their selective honesty, deceptive generosity, and treacherous charity all aimed at misleading the people, to score cheap political popularity, social relevance and to keep the people under the gloomy shackles of penury and perpetual dependency through their American-capitalist Elite Conspiracy Theory of colonial leadership.

Indeed, a true leadership is neither a method, a technique, or a science, rather it is a culture and an attitude of the mind. Thus, a crooked stick will always portray a crooked shadow, because one can not give what one does not possess.

We must always make use of our Brainbox now! For a true leadership that works.

Cmrd. Chimezie Odemenam, CCFR

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