Wild Wild South West Rejects All Progressive Congress Party (APC).

For the avoidance of doubts, the author shall provide youtube video clips to compliment this write up. Without wasting time, the author will start with Lagos State, where for unknown and unexplainable reasons, the Lagos Stadium was quarter empty when President Buhari arrived for his Presidential campaign on the 10th February 2019. Here is a video to watch https://youtu.be/_ySK9zsz7qU A friend who is an APC loyalist said to me that supporters were many, but I pointed to the empty seats at the stadium.

These sort of half empty stadiums have been witnessed on two occasions under APC Presidential campaign. First was at Uyo Stadium where the crowd began to leave the stadium en mass the moment President Buhari started to give his speech. Here is a short video for that https://youtu.be/vK0Zj1wlyQk

Next Half empty stadium was also witnessed at APC Presidential campaign at Enugu, here is a short clip to watch. https://youtu.be/51PNuIS1EE8

Then came the Ogun State APC Presidential Campaign fiasco where stones where thrown at President Buhari and Adams Oshiomhole. Here is a short clip to watch https://youtu.be/FlgrqF7EO-A

It seems APC Ogun State supporters read the Guardian of April 3 2006, where APC said, “Stone us if we fail after two years”. President Buhari asked the crowd to vote candidates of their choice without mentioning his party APC. There are many implications to this statement. Firstly, it could be another gaffe from the President. Secondly, it could be an indication that he is not keen winning the election or winning Ogun State. Thirdly, it could be that he knew the Ogun State APC gubernatorial candidate was imposed on the people or not a popular candidate.

For this sad event to have occurred at Ogun State also meant a lot. This is the home state of his Vice (Osinbajo). The home state of his former vice (Pastor Tunde Bakare). Above all, this is the home state of former President Obasanjo, whom Bola Tinubu described as expired milk just a day before this show of shame. Obasanjo will be smiling and laughing hard now. Talking of Bola Tinubu, he threw away the APC flag out of frustration at the same event. Here is a short clip to watch. https://youtu.be/6kdXdKQmcZQ
Other visible sign of Bola Tinubu’s frustration also emerged. Here is a clip https://youtu.be/qbZ2ZggKIJM

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