Why #OccupyNASS Became Immensely Successful.


The #OccupyNASS and #ReclaimNigeria has been an unprecedented event in Nigeria’s history. We endeavour to outline some of the reasons why it became immensely successful over the 4 days that it was held.

1. The event itself was unprecedented. NASS was never before occupied to agitate for change, for the betterment of the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

2. The #OccupyNASS event unified Nigerian youths from all over the country, whose aim is to #ReclaimNigeria from the clutches of the traitors at the NASS who are holding Nigeria to ransom.

3. The #OccupyNASS youth demonstrated political, religious and tribal tolerance to the national and world media. Our Christian youths were seen protecting their Muslim brethren during prayers. This sent a strong message of a nation at peace with herself.

4. The false sense of security that the traitors at the NASS have about themselves that they are invincible and above the law got busted. The NASS was occupied by unarmed youth and there was NOTHING Bukola Saraki and the rest of his Mafia gang could do about it.

5. Nigerian youth demonstrated to the rest of the world that they have  the wisdom and organisational skills to hold such high profile rallies in absolute peace. No incidence of violence or criminality was recorded over the 4 days event.

6. The entire event was funded by ordinary Nigerians at home and in Diaspora. An average of N250,000 was raised over 10 days. A total sum of N2,585,531 was raised. We taught Nigerians how to take responsibility for their own destiny.

7. The fraudulent Senate leadership, headed by Bukola Saraki, was forced to cancel the potentially treasonous amendment of the Code of Conduct Bureau Bill, designed to save lawmakers who became lawbreakers from prosecution. This is significant.

8. The fraudulent Senate leadership was also forced to cancel the amendment of the Administration of Criminal Justice Bill. This too is very significant.

9. The Senate leadership was further forced to cancel the unlawful suspension of anti-corruption arrowhead in the Senate, Kabir Marafa. Common sense finally prevailed.

10. Protesters successfully resisted the attempt made by 10 trucks load of armed mobile police to disperse them. It was a victory of light over darkness.

11. The #OccupyNASS event successfully galvanised Nigerian youths from different civic rights groups and NGOs to prepare for follow up demonstration at NASS if our demands are not met.

12. We invited iconic Nigerians like Barrister Femi Falana (Senior Advocate of Nigeria), Professor Balogun (from Canada), Dr. Nura Alkali, Dr. Fatima Zanna Gana, Professor Lawal Bashir and many others who came and motivated the youths with their incisive speech.

13. Finally, we used the event to educate our youth on how to recall treacherous Senators and Reps. This knowledge will then be passed to our folks all over the country. Nigeria will never be the same again.

Without a doubt, #OccupyNASS was not only an historic unprecedented event, it was an enlightening and motivating event. It was great victory of good over evil. Victory of light over darkness. Victory of courage over cowardice. And victory of Nigerian masses over their tormentors at NASS.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed & Dr. Bunmi Awoyemi Divinewealth.

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