Unflinching Incorruptible Nigerian Youths and Unrepentant Patriotic.



According to Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna the Brigade Major of the Second Brigade based at Apapa, Lagos, 1960s, and the first black African ever to win Commonwealth Gold Medal once said that;

“We are Nigerians……It was unity we wanted, not rebellion. We had watched our leaders rape our country. The country was so diseased that bold reforms were badly needed to settle social, moral, economic and political questions”. This is sadly what Nigeria has again become today and the patriotic youths must act NOW and it will be in clear demonstration of unflinching and unwavering patriotism to Nigerian.  

“Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna jumped 6ft 5.5in, the best of the season, took him straight in alongside Nafiu Osagie, one of the 1952 Olympians, and he was selected. The high jump was on day one of competition in Vancouver and Ifeajuna wore only one shoe, on his left foot. Ifeajuna brushed the bar at 6ft 7in but it stayed on; he then cleared 6ft 8in to set a Games and British Empire record, and to become the first man ever to jump 13.5in more than his own height. This first gold for black Africa was a world-class performance”. THIS NIGERIAN OFFICER WAS A PATRIOTIC YOUTH WHO TOOK NIGERIA’S NAME HIGH.

Also in the words of Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu;
“Our enemies are the political profiteers, the swindlers, the men in high and low places that seek bribes and demand 10 percent; those that seek to keep the country divided permanently so that they can remain in office as ministers or VIPs at least, the tribalists, the nepotists, those that make the country look big for nothing before international circles, those that have corrupted our society and put the Nigerian political calendar back by their words and deeds….. After getting such people out of office, he said….. We promise that you will no more be ashamed to say that you are a Nigerian”.

Otherwise how do you explain that Nigeria is not just about the only country in the world who allows its President to seek medical care abroad (especially in Western Europe), but certainly the only country on FATHER EARTH whose President vanishes into thine air for WELL over FIVE WEEKS and everybody continues to carry on as though all was well. Do you know that for any serving President to stay in another country on a private level is a huge security risk for his country? that is if these corrupted Nigerian politicians  know what is actually meant by the phrase, “security risk”.

I can bet it that no country in this current intolerant world, including the United Kingdom and America, would allow their serving President and or Prime Minister to leave in another country for a month without any direct physical and verbal communication to and with their constituents and citizens. Any serving leader who dares that will immediately be impeached by parliament, it is considered an insult to the state, even if it has to d o with death. In such scenario, they would honorably resign their position and then go to anywhere they like for Medicare. That is international best practice.  

How can Nigerians allow other countries, to know about the health and where about of a President they voted for, more than they who voted the President ought to be serving? This is the highest level of disservice. Nigerian youths must not allow this to continue because it is a demonstration of the highest level of corruption and unpatriotic stance towards the interest of Nigeria first. Buhari has no moral right to cling on to power when he knows he is no longer fit (physically and mentally) to lead. THE ABILITY TO TAKE THE DECISION TO RESIGN WITHOUT BEEN TOLD TO DO SO IS WHAT WE CALL UNREPENTANTLY PATRIOTIC MOVE FOR THE INTEREST OF NIGERIA FIRST.

Earlier we had warned Mr Wole Soyinka, pastor Bakare, Tinubu, Obasanjo and other traitors of the Nigerian people like Rotimi Ameachi and their cohorts of a possible outcome like this if they deceived Nigerians to elect an old senile man like Buhari into political power. But they all knew what they were doing to deceive Nigerians to protect their own interest and those of their wives and children. They rather insisted that Buhari was the cleanest Nigerian alive which we in Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group vigorously and vehemently disagreed and we considered their conclusion rather insulting to the well over 200 million other Nigerians. Fast forward to today, look at the outcome, just like we had predicted it.

Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group completely resists and forbid these kinds of people who call themselves elders but have failed to plants trees under whose shades they know they will not seat in, but meant for posterity after them to enjoy. But rather, these few groups of people are destroying every element of fiber that joins Nigeria and Nigerians together before they will finally succumb to nature.

Just imagine that it is only in Nigeria elected persons on a particular political platform will defect to another political party and still demonstrate the high moral grand standing to illegally carry on as if all is well, particularly encouraged by their co-evil and corrupt travelers. We are not practicing democracy in Nigeria and if we want to invent our own style that’s fine, but the rules and principles must be made clear from the onset.

Recently, Andy Uba PDP Senator, just like other previous times, representing a Senatorial zone in Anambara State recently defected to APC for his own political aggrandizement and yet he wants to retain his seat at the Senate. This is absurd and extremely preposterous and politically amoral. The general rule world over is that when you defect you lose your seat and a by-election is conducted within a specific time frame for all political parties interested.

Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Groups strongly condemns this new wave and dimension of corruption that is gradually and systematically creeping its way into Nigeria’s political psyche and democratic lexicon. Nigerian Youths, this is extremely bad, wrong and must be condemned by all standing and patriotic youths.
We now have a cluster of seat tight political group who call themselves elders with old colonial minded academics, scattered home and abroad who, to say the least, are a collection of failure to Nigeria and Nigerians, in our opinion. The proof is all over the place. Ask them what they have done for Nigeria without underpinning it with their individual selfish interest, ask these people such questions.

We in Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group can say categorically that such people have done nothing for Nigeria and Nigerian youths otherwise the Nigerian youths would not have been regarded now as the SCUM of the earth in Nigeria today and largely globally too. Can we all see what happens to Nigerians world other and only recently in South Africa which has become a recurrent decimal.
Ask them how many decent jobs they created even when the various ministries and agencies they headed had vacancies?

Rather they introduced the concept of GHOST WORKER which they have consistently used as conduit pipe to drain our common resources and by extension talent. Has anybody heard about this satanic concept in the public sector? NO… only in Nigerian Government circle which is traditionally supposed to be the biggest employer of labour.

We have been shocked to hear things like 100,000 GHOST WORKERS on Federal government payroll for years and these were supposed to be vacant positions for young Nigerian youths to occupy.
To demonstrate that the establishment must be voted out, we have never heard that the accounting officers of such ministries and agencies, who of course knows who have been collecting these GHOST WORKER salaries and monies, have never been arrested, tried and jailed and the monies recovered and put into public use and ensuring those positions are immediately filled by qualified Nigerian youths. The country has a huge problem. We Youths must resist these people …….

They are not and have never been patriots of Nigeria rather they have acted for the interest and benefits of their households to the collective detriment of Nigerian Youths. This is precisely why Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria is advocating that young and patriotic youth must nominate themselves through our platform and be voted into offices to lead Nigeria forward.

Buhari and the current APC ruling Nigeria are the most inept people and clusters on earth. Just imagine that under their watch a 16 foot container of cooked pounded yam, Egusi soup and yam porridge including cooked Ogbono soup were imported into Nigeria from India and till today nobody has either been arrested, prosecuted and jailed not even one. On 22nd February 2017, we heard NAFDAC alerted potentially gullible Nigerians about the risks of buying imported Garri, ‘Indian Garri’, one of Nigeria’s staple foods, imported from India. See and read further http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/02/stay-away-indian-garri-nafdac-warns/
This is quite SAD that we have lost everything to the extent that Indians now import Garri to Nigeria. One day, these establishments’ corrupt politicians will import AIR, SAND or even GRASS into Nigeria. Patriotic Youths must resolve to resist these people.

Can you imagine India or better still Ghana importing Garri into Nigeria the CURRENT WORLD LARGEST OR BIGGEST GROWERS AND PRODUCERS OF CASSAVA. Youths what about the Law of Comparative Advantage or Comparative Cost advantage? This is madness. This APC, Buhari government and the general members of their establishment must go….NOW and unrepentantly patriotic Nigeria youths will rule and put the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians first. Please such youths that wants Stand Youths and Lead Nigerian Group to support them must kindly read and forever internalize our philosophy. Please read details here:

Though South Africans have always hated Nigerians, for many reasons, but the current Buhari’s government bragged so much of the concept of body language, can you all now see the level and frequencies of Xenophobia attacks against Nigerians and their families in South Africa? We in Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group regret this current and past Nigerian leadership and larger establishment who have sold the present and future of Nigerian youths.

Otherwise what would Nigerian youths be doing in South Africa? Just look at this; http://tribuneonlineng.com/xenophobic-attacks-nigerians-nans-gives-south-african-companies-48-hours-relocate-nigeria/  Many Nigerians have been killed like this and our thieving and corrupt and unpatriotic political establishment would still steal our monies and travel to bank same in South Africa. It’s a shame. Nigerians are now the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Also, we say where are the protesters? We want to ask those uncivilized and unpatriotic Nigerians who always protest against issues that do not concern them like, enactment of laws against unnatural sexual desires and mutilation of nature, by current medical science practitioners in Western hemisphere, by mutilating one natural gender into another.

Where are the Nigerian protesters who always protest for other countries? Where is Femi Falana who, along with Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) once protested against Morocco’s occupation of another country in the Sahil. Where are the unpatriotic Nigerians who protested against President Trump’s ban on seven other countries, not Nigeria, yet these terrible Nigerians went out to protest. Which amongst these countries today is protesting for Nigerians been destroyed in South Africa? It’s a shame.

Now, fast forward to today, our fellow Nigerian citizens are been killed in South Africa, for no reason and yet, I can’t see or hear Somalis citizens nor Iranians, nor Yemenis, nor Sudan, nor Afghanistan citizens protesting in support for Nigerians for this evil act by South Africans, why because they all consider Nigerians as SCUM. But where it to be other countries unpatriotic Nigerians would have jumped out by now protesting in support of such countries. We must learn. NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS ARE ALREADY BEEN VIEWED AND SEEN AS THE SCUM OF AFRICA AND THE EARTH EXCEPT WE LOOK INWARD AND AWAKEN OUR VALUES AND TRADITIONS AND ALSO HOLD OURSELVES HIGH, FIRST WE MIGHT BE DOOMED.

That is why, Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group mantra is; NIGERIA FIRST WITH THE YOUTHS LEADING. Except we popularize this mantra to seek a new and internally reverberating commitment to Nigeria and the Nigerian identify and project we may not survive. Again to think that this same South Africa did all it could to frustrate the government of Jonathan from buying weapons, led by evil Obama and David Cameron, because Jonathan stood against them to defend Nigerian values, is unfortunate to say the least. In the past, Nigeria fought and gave free education to many South African leaders including many leaders in ANC political party of South Africa. But today, not even one of them could come to or have ever come to the aid of Nigeria and Nigerians to at least speak against such barbaric attacks. This is frightening. This is why we strongly advocate for;

Please join the advocacy and spread the message before Nigerians are made the bottom endangered species of the world. Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group says, we must RESIST these criminals of politicians who have reduced us to a collection of people without any sense of pride or national culture or identity. RESIST THEM BY NOT VOTING FOT THEM AND BY NEVER AGAIN LISTENING TO TINUBU AND THEIR COHORTS. People should know that Indians have no business with Garri because this crop does not grow there, How come they now import Garri to Nigeria? This tells you HOW corrupt and inept Tinubu, Ameachi, Obasanjo, Pastor Tunde Bakare Wole Soyinka and their likes are by fraudulently deceiving Nigerians to vote for APC and Buhari. They have no clue. Just look at what these terrible politicians are using our patriotic, young and able youths, who are often highly educated, and who ordinarily ought to be leading Nigeria, to do during elections. After which they are arrested and destroyed. Please resist these establishment NOW….

Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria group supports the quick passage of the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ bill by the Nigerian National Assembly before 2019 general elections.


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