Time to Occupy Nigerian Senate. Please, make no mistake about it, by endorsing child marriage in Nigeria, the Nigerian Senate has brought us tremendous shame. By this act, Nigerian Senate has sent message across the world that we prefer child abuse to child protection; that paedophiles are welcomed in Nigeria. No child (boy or girl) is safe in Nigeria. In fact, Nigeria will become the capital of paedophiles. This is also an encouragement to those wishing to embark or commit such atrocity. In contrast to the above, if you’re caught in the United Kingdom, watching only child pornography, the person will certainly go to jail. Then, when a person is caught in the act itself, the culprit will certainly spend a very long time in prison. In some countries, any person caught with an underage will be castrated. That is how serious it is. But are we really surprised at what the sin-nators (Senators) did? No I was not surprised at all. The author predicts many more rubbish laws will be passed by them, after all, they don’t have our interest at heart. The nature of the laws made by the senate, tells us the calibre of people there. In fact, the senate is “empty”. On this particular issue, do not blame Senator Yerima alone, but blame all the Senators. What about the female Senators or where were they when this law was passed? Agreed that the law has been passed, what have the first lady/ladies (wife of the president and state governors’ wives) done. May be, they are yet to react. This is the time to set aside our differences and unite to fight this obnoxious act. Every concerned Nigerian should join the crusade. Every action is equal to reaction. Time for action is now. For this and many other sins of Nigerian Senators, the author moves a motion (a) for Nigerians to occupy the Senate till this law is repealed (b) for Nigerians to start the process of recalling some of these Senators (c) for Nigerians to sign/endorse any petition required for to actualize the above. The author pleads with all and sundry to support this call. May God bless Nigeria. C.V.Akuta UK 24/7/13.

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