Thoughts on Way Forward.

On Bad Governance/Legislooters. The task is how to mobilize Nigerians to resist bad governance and legislooters like Farouk etc. Till we get Nigerians occupying places/cities, example (Red shirts in Thailand, Egyptians in Tahir Square, etc) am afraid nothing can be achieved and the nation remains stagnant. Therefore, emphasis/priority should be on educating one and another (the masses) on civil resistance. On Insecurity (Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Crimes, etc) Suffice it to say, that citizens should take the lead in the war against insecurity, government cannot do it alone. To that effect, we should all spy each other. Intensive surveillance and spying everyone around you is highly needed. This method was practiced in former East Germany and Cuba. Everyone becomes a suspect until proven otherwise. Report suspicious movements. Start neighbourhood watch or join one. Be at alert 24 hours. No price is too much for security. For churches and mosques up North, the author suggests a change in delivery methods. People should stay at home on Sundays and Fridays and listen to preaching thru (radios, television, web/internet, sms, CD’s/DVD’s, teleconferences etc). The key here is to avoid churches and mosques since it has become easy targets. Salvation and miracle could still come via the methods mentioned above. On Unemployment, Underemployment etc. Are you unemployed, underemployed or employed but wish to change your job(s) or take up a second job, but has not found one yet, then kindly consider taking an unpaid/volunteer job. Simply apply to companies, employers, governments, institutions etc indicating your desire to take up unpaid/volunteer jobs/roles. The author also appeals to, employers, person(s), government, institution(s), corporate bodies, organizations, establishments, to consider recruiting/accepting volunteer staffs. Employers should take advantage of cheap labour, while at the same time engage people/transfer knowledge to people. Building a strong economy is not rocket science. Also be kind enough to forward this message to other Nigerians in need. May God bless Nigeria. Chinedu Vincent Akuta. An Activist and Citizens Journalist.

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