Starvation: Eat Grasshoppers and Mice. Malawi President To Malawians.

Malawian President Peter Mutharika told millions of Malawians that are starving to stop depending on maize and eat grasshoppers and mice in-order to cope with the current food shortage in the country reports local media.

Acute maize shortage has ravaged the south-eastern African country due to poor harvests because of the long dry spells and floods.

President Mutharika said his government was under a lot of pressure to find solutions that would save Malawians from hunger.

“But why should Malawian die with hunger when we have different of things to eat? Muzidya mbewa, zitete, komanso chinangwa!” said the President during his speech as a political rally in the Southern Region of Malawi, Mulanje

Half of Malawi’s population will be affected by hunger because of the drought and flood that has ravished the country. The President said that no one will die of hunger, reassuring Malawians that the government has purchased excess maize stock of 1.2 million metric tonnes.

Mutharika also asked the civil servants to desist in demanding for salary increment and look for means to source for the money.

“And you the civil servant you should stop demanding my government to raise your salary because it is doing its best to give you a conducive environment , what you should do is to work hard on your own,” said Mutharika. Source:

Opinion: What is wrong with Africa, why can’t we even feed ourselves? Can’t Malawi do irrigation etc. Why tell your people to eat mice? It can’t get worst than this.

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