Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria: Philosophy, Ideology and Principles.

Our Philosophical Ideology.

We, the Nigerian youths and young people of men and women in nature, permanently hold that, we are naturally empowered, gifted with requisite capacity and inherent responsibility to presently and futuristically transform Nigeria into a great socio-political and economically egalitarian society and nation. We rely on Section 38(1) of 1999 Nigeria constitution (as amended) to express our freedom of thoughts and conscience and freedom to share same with all persons.

Our philosophical ideology is driven by the following belief and convictions;
1. That the youths and young people of Nigeria has taken the decision to hence forth pragmatically and strategically take Nigeria through a phased political, economical, security and diplomatic paradigm shift to achieve a socio-economic egalitarian nation.

2. That the Nigerian youths have decided to take a deliberate move that will create an upward socio-political and economic mobility for youths and young people from 20-45 year old age bracket.

3. That corruption can only be permanently defeated in Nigeria when the processes of electing and appointing leaders is transparent and corruption free thus; the youth will ensure that any individual who will run for public elective office and any persons who may be so appointed into any public office MUST compulsorily make a public disclosure and publication of their private incomes and earnings accounts, investments interests (personal and family) before such appointments is taken up and this must be repeated every year until they vacate office.  

4. That the Nigerian youth will henceforth ONLY Vote for persons or individuals who are between ages 22 to 45 years old and whose published accounts DON’T exceed 5 million naira only.

5. That the youths and young people of Nigeria will henceforth interface to take deliberate actions that will halt and eliminate the obvious systemic and institutional destruction of Nigerian youths and young peoples’ psyche by old hegemonic political, religious, economic and social class in Nigeria.

6. The PRICE OF OUR CONSCIENCE IS TRUTH thus Nigerian youths will henceforth work together to support ourselves and REJECT ALL CRIMINAL RELATED JOBS such as; assassination, political gangsterism and thugery, armed robbery, religious riots and terrorism usually contracted to them by the older peoples of Nigerian hegemonic political and economic class.

7. That we shall do everything intelligently and practically possible to create the framework that will start a compulsory employment scheme for all youths and young people from 20-45 years old bracket through the creation of National Youth and Young People Job Bank across the 774 local government areas for skilled graduates, semi-skilled and artisans and this scheme must run for 15 years. Nobody will be required to bring references from any rich or connected individual. We rely on section 14 of 1999 constitution (as amended) stating that the security and welfare of the Nigerian people shall be the primary purpose of government.

8. That Nigerian youths and young people henceforth resolve to discourage religious leaders from Nigerian politics and not allow their religious sway determine or influence the political path of the Nigerian youths anymore. We rely on section 10 of 1999 constitution (as amended) which states clearly that “Federal or State government shall NOT adopt any religion as “State religion”. Nigeria Youths shall not allow religion to determine how and who they vote for in Nigeria anymore. The interest of Nigeria and her people is first.

9. That youths and young people should discourage and discountenance the views of foreign countries either through their ambassadors’ representatives or indirectly meddling into the internal security architecture, socio-political and community politics and affairs of Nigeria.

10. That the Nigerian youth and young people come together to articulate and outline a 50 years strategic economic, security, diplomatic and social infrastructural development framework for Nigeria that all public and private workers MUST sign up to through a regional and national referendum.

11. That henceforth the youth expects and WILL not support any persons to contest any elective office, if they may have statutorily occupied such or any other public position of such nature for  one or two terms EXCEPT they have spent the same number of years earlier spent in office out of office. This will free the social mobility ladder and increase employment for the Nigerian youths.

12. That youths and young people will ensure that public and civil servants will not acquire any properties locally and internationally, (houses, cars, business interest or sit on any board) or receive patronages whilst in public office, EXCEPT THEY ARE FREE OF CORRUPTION.

13. That the Nigerian youths and young people SHALL vehemently resist and stop ALL PUBLIC AND CIVIL SERVANTS from undertaking or receiving any form of MEDICAL CARE or TRAIN THEIR CHILDREN AND WARDS OVERSEAS whilst in office except it is life threatening (which should not be more than two trips) and or their children or wards win a competitive scholarship sponsorship.

…..Youths Awake and Unite. The future of any nation is in the hands of the youths. The future of the world is in the hands of the youths and young people. Unite the strength of Nigeria. You have got to treat them right; they are the candles of hope! Do not treat them wrong; you might be setting a time bomb? If you are sitting on the youths and young people today; you might be sitting on dynamite. Give youths and young people equal rights; do not kill them and destroy their future!!!  Victor Essiet (The Mandates). THE PRICE OF CONSCIENCE!

I am happy and agree to abide by these philosophy and ideologies of Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria. I shall work tirelessly and vigorously to propagate and spread these principles to all Nigerian youths and young people.

I,              sincerely make this pledge.

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