Fellow compatriots, we Nigerians found ourselves in an absurd situation whereby by a handful of criminal gangsters, headed by the Mafia don, Bukola Saraki, hijacked our National Assembly and are holding our country to ransom. They have not only refused to work in harmony with the President to pass laws that are beneficial to us the masses, they have delayed the ratification of the 2016 budget, only to insert fraudulent projects worth billions, designed to directly benefit them.

Worst still, the same criminal cabal have now started bastardising our hard earned constitution, by seeking to amend its strategic components, to save themselves from the full arms of the law for their criminality! This is a broad daylight gang-raping of our country. This kind of treachery is never allowed even in banana republics. It must therefore not be allowed to stand in largest economy in Africa and the most populous Black Nation on the planet. Enough is enough. We must act now!

The #OccupyNASS and #ReclaimNigeria is one of the most meaningful democratic protests to be held in Nigeria in recent times. It is not a riot. It is not a civic disorder. It is actually a peaceful civic order designed to reassert the rule of law and stop traitors from vandalising Nigerian constitution.
In order to host this historic event, among others, we need to pay for the following items:

1. Buy enough bottled water and snacks for lunch refreshment for 100,000 people over 4 days.
2. Erect mobile toilets to serve the 100,000 people expected at the event.
3. Erect enough tents to provide shelter for people who may decide to sleepover at the event venue.
4. Print banners and placards to be displayed throughout the 4 days event.
5. Hire professional DJ to provide Personal Announcement (PA) system for the event.
6. Hire ambulance and medical staff to be on standby throughout the 4 days event.
7. Print T-Shirts and baseball hats to be worn by event officials who will guide and control crowd.

We solicit for your support and contributions to achieve the above, so that we will all have a successful peaceful protest. We have no any other way of raising money except to collect donations from you, the patriotic Nigerians. No amount of donation is too big or too small. Please send your donations to the following CUPS corporate account:

Account name: Citizens United for Peace and Stability.
Account Number: 1140085583.
Bank: Skye Bank.

For transparency and accountability, we will publish the total amount of money we received for this event. We will also publish how we spent the money for your record. We have a chartered accountant, who is a signatory to this corporate account, who will publish the records.

May the Almighty God reward you abundantly for your contributions. Amen. If we don’t stand up to fix broken Nigeria, nobody will come from outside to fix her for us.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.


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