South East Masses Should Negotiate With APC.

It is evidently clear, that the sixteen (16) years of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), at the federal level, achieved little or nothing in the South East, in terms of developments. Not sure if the average wo/man on the streets of Onitsha and Aba can feel any impact of development(s). Chief among the projects promised the South Easterners are dredging of River Niger, completion of Onitsha Seaports, 2ndNiger Bridge, making Imo airport a cargo port, roads etc, in return for South East votes. Obasanjo promised to do the 2nd Niger Bridge and failed. Yar Adua promised to build the 2nd Niger Bridge and failed. President Goodluck Jonathan promised in 2011, to finish the 2ndNiger Bridge or go to exile, but failed. He however, returned to commission the start of 2nd Niger Bridge early last year (2014), but till the time of writing (6/1/15), nothing has happened at the site (despite the conditions attached to building the bridge).
The question is, how many times will PDP deceive the South Easterners? You can’t do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. Now is the time to reach out and negotiate with APC, as per the developmental projects needed in the South East. Possibly sign a sort of agreement or sign a Memorandum of Understanding with them, in return for South East votes. One week is a long time in politics; therefore there is still time to negotiate with APC. In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies, but permanent interests. This should be masses led negotiation.
Holy Bible said in Hosea Chapter 4 vs 6 said that, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” in this case there is knowledge about what to do, so the choice is ours. Make no mistake, many might disagree, with this idea (many might call/drop names), but let those who agree/support this idea, rally round and let’s approach APC leadership with this request. Alternatively, we can approach APC leaders in the South East to present our request. No harm in trial.
Earlier last year (2014), yours truly with other great Igbo sons and daughters, took part in an online protest (No Projects, No Actions, No South East Votes), protesting the unfulfilled campaign promises of President Goodluck Jonathan etc in the South East. Now is the time to see if the reasons why we protested can be actualized thru this means. Inbox the author, if you’re interested. Share/forward to others
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