Self and Safe Defence.

If ever, you have never been worried or disturbed about the security situation in Nigeria, now is the time to get seriously concerned, about the deplorable state of affairs, especially high level of insecurity. First let me start with the most recent been, the Ombatse, in Nasarawa State, where over 100 Nigerian Police and other security officers were massacred in a single incident. Police has identified 2 of their officers who leaked information to the Ombatse cultist, which led to the deaths of their colleagues. (I will come back to issue of police giving out information to criminals). Forty eight (48) hours before this Ombatse incident, more than twenty Nigerian Police officers were also killed in Bama Borno State, by the Boko Haram. Just last month (April 2013), about 12 Nigerian Police officers were killed in the creeks of Bayelsa State, by the militants. Sometime in March 2013, former Commissioner of Police of Kwara State, was shot dead at his residence in Enugu. Lastly, former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim is currently seeking asylum in United Kingdom, due to the threats of Boko Haram. When you factor in the political assassinations, unsolved murder cases, high rate of kidnappings, other crimes in different parts of the country, you will then realize the danger facing all. No one is safe, this includes both Nigerians at home and abroad. Directly or indirectly what happens in Nigeria, has a way of affecting those in Diaspora. There is now a total breakdown of security. The most disturbing aspect was the fact that, 2 Police officers were discovered to have leaked information, that led to the killing of their colleagues at Ombatse, Nasarawa. This simply means that the masses will find it difficult to trust the police. If the masses cannot trust the police, how then can they give information to the police to fight crimes, without risking their lives? Police is no longer your friend, but now your enermy. The situation is worse and has resulted in self help, therefore every citizen should, ensure self and safe defence and protection of himself and immediate families. It is highly recommended for all to be at highest level of alert. Treat everyone as a suspect till proven innocent. Avoid unnecessary movements. Spy each other. Keep round the clock surveillance of your immediate environment. Join or start a neighbourhood watch group or a vigilante group. Where possible, villages, communities etc could resort to ancient cultural and traditional methods of crime fighting. Report suspicious movements to your immediate neighbours, or to the community leaders. Alert the police, along with other security services/agencies. Use your facebook, mobile phone/sms, email etc to broadcast any suspected crime. The writer suggests, a synergy between the police and the media, whereby every crime reported to the police, should be broadcasted live by various media houses. Mass media, is a useful tool in crime fighting. The above is not exhaustive. Use all legal means possible to provide yourself a protection from criminals. No price is too much for your security. Also remember that, Nigerians themselves can only solve this problem, no foreign power can do it for us. Just the will is what we need. Remember, where there is a will there is a way. C.V.Akuta UK. 12/5/13.

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