Secession: Niger Delta Avengers Releases It’s Currency.

Militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta has taken a new turn as militants have vowed to break away from the federation of Nigeria.

The separatist feelings and aspirations which resulted in the ongoing bombing of oil and gas facilities in the region have eventually found expression in unveiling its ‘national’ currency.

The One Pound currency note has the photo of late freedom fighter, Major Adaka Boro.

The currency was issued by the Bank of Niger Delta.

Militants have been carry out attacks on oil and gas facilities of multinational oil corporations in the region the very latest being Chevron facility at its Escravos terminal on Thursday.

Niger Delta Avengers which have claimed responsibility for the attacks have vowed to stop at nothing until a sovereign state of the Niger Delta is actualized.

A source who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity says much has been done to the region’s ecosystem resulting from the operations of oil companies in the region and that every hue and cry raised so far to draw the government’s attention to their predicament has fallen on deaf ears.

Hence the action to secede from Nigeria became absolutely necessary to save communities in the neglected region from gradual extinction. Source: Pointblank News.

Opinion: Right to self determination is a universal right, but the Niger Delta militants should follow the legitimate means to channel their demands. In the event of any major crisis, everyone will suffer, but the same Niger Delta would pay the greater price. War has never solved any problem, rather dialogue. More so,  every war/crisis ends on a round/square table.

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