Saudi Arabian Man Shoots Male Doctor for Helping in Wife’s Delivery.

An unidentified Saudi man shot and wounded a Jordanian gynecologist at the King Fahad hospital in Riyadh on Wednesday evening.

The male doctor was on duty at King Fahd Medical City when the incident occurred. According to Saudi website Sabq, the gunman shot the doctor who helped his wife deliver a baby.

According to reports, the shooter summoned the doctor under the pretense of thanking him for delivering his child and took him to the adjoining park which was teeming with children, where he shot him and fled the scene.

The victim was rushed to the emergency ward, where doctors removed a bullet from his lung. His condition is stable.

The victim, Dr Muhannad Al Zabn, delivered the shooter’s baby one month ago at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

The spokesperson for the hospital confirmed the incident, saying that a doctor was shot and that his condition was now stable.

Saudi police have apprehended the shooter who is now in custody.

Twitter users in Saudi Arabia were divided in their opinions with most coming out in support of the doctor but some questioning why the father was put in such a position. Khaleej Times.

Opinion: This doctor perhaps helped save the lives of this woman and the child. Reason would have prevailed on the gun man. If it’s against their culture, the woman/husband would have requested for female health workers only before the date of delivery. It’s just ironical, that a man tries to kill a doctor for saving the lives of his wife and child.

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