Richard:The Paedophile Raped Babies,Toddlers, Pre-teens, Girls and Boys.

Huckle Tried To Cash In On Child Abuse Pics.

Richard Huckle filmed himself abusing children and shared videos and pictures with fellow paedophiles on the dark web. Huckle Made Paedophile Handbook.

By any measure, the story of prolific paedophile Richard Huckle is extraordinary and not what you might expect.

He is a middle-class, church-going, grammar school boy who used a short-course teaching certificate to gain access to vulnerable children in a foreign community where many worshipped him and still refuse to believe what he did.

He raped babies, toddlers and pre-teens, girls and boys, some of them systematically over many years. His youngest victim was six months old.

He filmed and photographed much of the abuse and shared it with fellow paedophiles on the dark web.

He posted commentaries such as this alongside the images: “It’s quite amazing to have stuck with the same child lover for so many years and I hope, from the images you have seen, enjoyed watching her grow.

“It’s not often in child porn you can compare the bodies of a 5yo and a 12yo that are the same girl. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more sex with (her) in the future.”

Investigators found 20,253 “indecent photographs” on his computer, but “indecent” hardly does justice to his camerawork.

He photographed himself raping a three-year girl and used the image to raise money on a warped crowd-funding website.

Among other images found there were 249 involving a young girl and a bottle.

In one online post, Huckle talked about cashing in on his abuse

He also wrote a paedophiles’ handbook to advise other perverts on how to operate and avoid detection.

The catalogue of his crimes reads like a lifetime’s work, but Huckle has only just turned 30.

His friend Scott Chapman – who was at school with him in Folkestone, Kent, and later at college – described Huckle as a loner, but not unusual.

He said: “He never seemed off or anything like that, he just seemed like a normal person – just very quiet, didn’t really talk about home or things like that.”

When I showed Mr Chapman the charges his friend had admitted he was briefly speechless, then said: “I’m genuinely shocked.

“I’m shaking. It makes you feel sick.

“A couple of the other guys we were friends with have kids in this age range.

“They are a little bit older than mine but he may have even been around our friends’ kids at this age.”

Huckle was baptised in Ashford, Kent, at 17, and later visited Christian churches with a particular ethnic congregation in London, where he helped out at Sunday schools.

He left school with average exam results and agonised over a career before taking a gap year in Malaysia.

He spent three months on a placement at a Christian church in the same poor, ethnic community he had befriended in the UK and then returned regularly to Malaysia offering to help teach at schools and churches.

For legal reasons, we can’t reveal which community or churches he was involved with.

In 2008 he took a short English teacher training course at the British Council’s offices in Kuala Lumpur, where he appeared in a promotional video.

He used religion and teaching as cover for his secret life of child sex abuse, sometimes employed for private tuition in his victims’ homes in an impoverished area of the city.

The British Council said it had reviewed its association with Huckle, but that vetting its graduates was the responsibility of future employers.

Sharmila Sekaran, of the child protection charity Voice of the Children, said: “Someone like Richard Huckle, who is an Englishman, he’s intelligent – the community thinks he’s coming to do us a favour, therefore we have to go out of our way to make him comfortable, and when children start saying things – we don’t know that they raised an alarm, but if they did then very likely they would not have been believed over him.”

“Generally in Malaysia we don’t think and believe that things like this can happen. Perhaps it is a belief that this is more of a western problem – we don’t think it can happen in our own back yard.”

Huckle was exposed when Australian police stumbled across his online paedophile activity during an investigation into other suspects.

It alerted the UK authorities in “late 2014,” according to the National Crime Agency.

The NCA arrested him when he flew into Gatwick Airport in December 2014. Investigators found more than 20,000 indecent images on his computer and went on to uncover much more.

Huckle spent only a few days on bail before he was re-arrested, messaging his best friend from prison: “Life as I know it is over. This arrest has broken so many hearts.”

Initially, Huckle denied everything and prosecutors planned three separate trials at the Old Bailey because they felt one jury could not cope with viewing Huckle’s videos and photographs of abuse.

Eventually he was persuaded to plead guilty to most of the charges he faced, more than half of which carry a maximum life sentence.

The NCA said that before it arrested Huckle it sent staff to Malaysia to alert the authorities to what he had done.

But it appears the agency did not reveal any of the details of his crimes.

Mariza Abdulkadir, of the charity Protect and Save the Children, was invited to help the NCA explain to community leaders what Huckle had done.

I showed her the list of his crimes for the first time.

She said: “You’ve got a very extensive list here – very, very,  very detailed.

“We were actually approached by the British police back in December 2014.

“They didn’t give us much information so we went in there with nothing – so we approached the communities as an NGO, doing prevention work on child sexual abuse and working with communities and giving them safety workshops and talks to parents and the community leaders.

“Absolutely no information was given to them at all.”

The Malaysian government minister responsible for child protection said she was told nothing about Huckle’s crimes against its children.

Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun, Deputy Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, told Sky News: “As of this moment we don’t know anything about this case.

“The prosecution is happening in England and victims are unknown and so we would of course like to help. That is our duty.

“The victims here , especially if they are Malaysians, we will help. Counselling, for a start, but at the moment we don’t know who they are.

“It’s horrible, really horrible. It’s not something to be tolerated, and we will do anything to protect our children if we know about it.”

Huckle’s parents threw him out when they learned of his crimes, selling the family home and disappearing within months of his arrest.

His sister-in-law told Sky: “None of his family will speak about him. None of us ever want to see Richard again.”

The judge told Huckle at an early court hearing that his crimes were “of the utmost gravity” and he should expect to be jailed for life.

Huckle is thought to be only the third British man convicted under a recent law that allows the UK prosecution of “sex tourists”.

The sentencing is expected to last until Friday. Source: Skynews

Opinion: This is pure evil. He doesn’t deserve to walk free the rest of his life. He has damaged many innocent souls. No punishment would be enough for his crimes.

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