President Buhari’s Medical Bills.

My President, glad that your back to Nigeria. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being ill. As human beings, we will at one point or another become ill. As Nigerian public servant No 1, whatever happens to you is of public interest, including the management of your illness. Mr President, kindly tell us the cost of your medical bills in the UK. Who pays for it? You or the Nigerian tax payers? If your personally paying for your treatments, then there is no problem, but Nigerians will like to know how you got the money. If the tax payers are paying for your treatments, then they deserve to know, the amount and the nature of your illness. But the question remains, why would the tax payers pay for your treatments?

You directly or indirectly acknowledged that it was a serious illness, being in and out of laboratories and blood transfusion. My prayer is with you, for quick recovery.

Dearest Mr President, permit me to ask what happened to Aso Rock Clinic, with all the yearly budgetary allocations. At least, it’s over 2 years since you came to power, one would expect the clinic to have been equipped to be at par with international standards. What about fixing at least one hospital in Nigeria to international standard, and save/stop us from these show of shame, running overseas for medical treatments.

The costs of medical tourism by Nigerian leaders (President Buhari, Late President Yar Adua, Ex Head of State, General IBB, Late wife of Gen IBB, Late Stella Obasanjo, wife of Ex President Jonathan etc) are more than enough to equip at least 2 hospitals to international standards.

Mr President, one of your cardinal campaign promises was the war against corruption. Spending tax payers money on personal treatment overseas can be classed as corruption, especially when there has been budgets for ministry of health.

Yours truly is one of your strongest supporters, but will also be one of your strongest critics when you derail.


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