President Buhari is As Fit as Fiddle.

President Muhammadu Buhari is “as fit as a fiddle”, Femi Adesina, his spokesman, has said.

Reacting to reports on the health of the nation’s number one citizen, Adesina said the whole country saw the president when he received some dignitaries at the presidential villa in Abuja during the week.

“Didn’t you see pictures of him receiving Anglican bishops yesterday (Friday)? Did he look sick? The president is as fit as a fiddle. Anyone who says he is sick is telling lies,” he told TheCable.

“That is a figment of the person’s imagination. Just yesterday he received the primate of the Anglican Communion and arch bishops at the presidential villa. He also received former President Olusegun Obasanjo (pictured). He is hale and hearty.  The imagination of whoever says that is on overdrive.”

Responding to why the president has been delegating Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to places he initially planned to visit, Adesina said: “The presidency is one. The president has a right to delegate duties to his deputy, who is the vice-president, and that is what he has done.”

There are reports that the president may be flown abroad for medical treatment as a result of intense pain in the left ear.

This is believed to have led to the cancellation of trips to Lagos and Rivers.

Buhari, 73, has travelled long haul in recent times, notably to China, UAE, US and Qatar, and some travellers are known to develop ear pains as a result of pressurised cabin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that because of cabin air pressure, “individuals with ear, nose and sinus infections should avoid flying because pain and injury may result from the inability to equalize pressure differences. If travel cannot be avoided, the use of decongestant nasal drops shortly before the flight and again before descent may be helpful.” Source: The Cable.

Opinion: Anyone can fall sick. No one is immune from sickness. The nation should know when their leader is sick. Nothing wrong and no big deal. Glad that the Presidency has cleared the air.

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