Payment of N5,000 To Unemployed Nigerian Youths: Matters Arising.

Payment of N5,000 to Unemployed Nigerian Youths: Matters Arising.

Reading a comment credited to the Minister of Youths and Sports (Solomon Dalong), that the federal government has assured, it would commenced payment of N5,000 to unemployed youths. A lot of issues would need to be addressed  such as;

Who is an unemployed youth? How do you find out who is unemployed ? What about those under employed? What’s your definition of unemployment? Which register/database will you use to pay? How do you pay (by cash, meal coupons/tickets, through bank transfer etc). How long will you pay these unemployed youths (1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc) or till the end of this government in 2019?

Moving on: (Agreed you want to pay).

You need database/identification of people to pay. You might consider to accept the following as a means of identification  (drivers licence, international passport, bank accounts with BVN etc). Identification methods with peoples’ finger prints are highly recommended. Alternatively, you might want to start a new registration process, putting the above into considerations.

No Free Lunch: Attach the payment of this N5,000 to a sort of community services. Ask these unemployed youths to do about 3 to 4 hours of monthly community services,  such as planting trees/flowers along the roads, assign them to some ministries, that might need cleaners etc, helping to clear the gutters etc.

Most Western governments are pushing those on unemployment benefits to do one form of job or another. Some must do a minimum of 16 hrs per week, before they are paid their benefits in the UK. This approach will benefit the government, the society and the youths themselves.


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