Pardon for Alamieyeseigha; A Rejection.

Fellow citizens, please join the author and other Nigerians in rejecting the Presidential pardon granted Former Governor Alamieyeseigha. His cases (stealing billions from Bayelsa State treasury, caught laundering money in London, jumped bail from London, served jail sentence in Nigeria etc) are pure criminal offences and does not deserve a presidential pardon. The President has made a mockery of the powers conferred on him to grant pardons. Such action(s), if not reversed, will directly and indirectly encourage corruption. To further complicate issues, the Presidential Senior Special Assistant on Media (Doyin Okupe) was reported to have said, that the President owes no one an apology for granting Presidential pardon to an ex convict. The President appears to be enjoying the company of ex convicts. During his Presidential Campaign tour of Lagos State in 2011, he and Olabode George (another big time ex convict) shared the same VIP stand. One wonders what his numerous advisers are doing. The National Council of State (the body made up of past heads of states and other “eminent” Nigerians) that sat and approved this Presidential pardon, deserves our condemnation. By this singular act, they have added more disgrace to the nation. Therefore, Nigerians should reject this pardon. C.V.Akuta UK 13/3/13.

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