1. Return the President’s Budget to the Pre-NASS Padding Levels;
2. Open up the Budget of the National Assembly for Public Scrutiny;
3. Return the 36 New SUVs Bought at an Overbloated N37million each, when Nigerians are Suffering;
4. Scrap the Fraudulent Constituency Projects and Account for the Billions Looted in the Name of Constituency Projects over the years;
5. Stop Attempting to Change Any Law or the Constitution that will Favour the Looters in the National Assembly;
6. Pass the President’s Anti-Money Laundry Bill into Law Quick;
7. Stop the Audacity for Criminality so defined by the Leadership of the Nigerian National Assembly;
8. Future Legislators Insensitivity will Lead to Massive National Recall of identified Legislators;
9. We are Interested in Leading a Future National Occupation for the #ScrapTheSenate Campaign if our demands are not Attended to Soonest.
10. Stop Taking the Nigerian People for Granted….We are United.
Today; The Revolution of the People against Their Representatives Begins.
Starting Point is Unity Fountain. We are Prepared to Defend the Nigerian State and Support the President Wholeheartedly….
Nothing is Capable of Stopping a Movement whose Time has Arrived.

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