Nigerian Army Vs Pro Biafran Agitators.

Premium Times (an online news portal) reported on 16/11/15, about the threat of the Nigerian Army to use minimum force in stopping Biafran agitators. This is a very wrong strategy/tactics to use. This would be counter productive. You can defeat ideological movements with superior arguments. The federal government has not done counter arguments. Guess by now, the State Security Services would have reported that members of Pro Biafran agitators have remained peaceful, so no need to bring in the army. Besides, what is minimum force? Remember, the Biafran war started when Gowon declared an initial police action.

The Police can handle them. Bringing in the army can escalate the tensed situation, except it’s a ploy to cause further tension, so as to declare state of emergency or anything of sorts.

So far the Ohanaeze and South East governments have invited the leaders of Pro Biafran agitators to a meeting. Chief Chekwas Okorie(former Presidential Candidate of United Progressive Grand Alliance) has offered to mediate if allowed. Time to give dialog a chance.
The pro Biafran agitators and the situation now is delicate. It requires proper handling, to avoid shielding of innocent blood and winning of more converts. It might appear easy on the surface, but it’s not. The federal government should  either take Nnamdi Kanu to court or release him on bail, since according to his lawyers, he has fulfilled all his bail conditions.
On pro Biafran agitators, my advise would be to explore other options, like judicial and political routes. Best would be for them to have a political movement/political party. The crowds seen so far can elect a Governor or Senator etc to power. Every liberation group, has a political party. 

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  1. Well articulated but there are still certain things I want you to understand here. Firstly, IPOB is not agitating for any leadership position in the contraption called nigeria, hence there will be absolutely no need to form a political party as you suggested. Secondly Chief Chekwas Okorie is not the leader of INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA, therefore cannot speak on behalf of IPOB, he may act as a mediator as you have said but the leader of INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA Mazi NNAMDI OKWU KANU will be present at the said negotiation table but how can he be present when Buhari is still holding him hostage? The whole thing is still being trampled upon by Buhari and his DICTATORIAL way of governing nigeria as if it's a military rule.

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