Nigeria First with the Youths Leading.



When in November 2015 Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group was formed and the slogan or catch phrase of ‘NIGERIA FIRST WITH THE YOUTHS LEADING’, was adopted little did the founders know that this slogan would re-vibrate in far away powerful country like America to carve a decide a new masses driven political narrative.

That narrative is now set to re-define the New World Order. If for nothing, It suggest that the founders of Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group where inherently gifted to evolve a new way of thinking from the old ways of the establishment that has constantly fed the masses with lies and hid their corruption and that of their cronies in secret closets.

This new ideological narrative, ‘of Only America First’, which decided President Donald J. Trump’s victory by swaying popular votes for him has just birthed a new America doctrine with the successful swearing in of President and Vice President Donald John Trump and Mike Pence as the 45th President and Vice of the United States of America.

This same slogan, ‘your country First’, which Stand Youths has written extensively about in the last 24 weeks is currently sweeping through Europe, and just only recently had swept through Britain with the vast majority of the British people vowing and successfully voting themselves out of the European Union (EU), and they succeeded. We can tell you there is a greater and secured future for Britain and our position was, only yesterday, agreed with by former United States Secretary of State, Mr Henry Kissinger. This also demonstrates how realistic and insightful members and think-tanks of STAND YOUTHS AND LEAD NIGERAI GROUP are.  

This is what Stand Youths calls patriotism and President Trump has further reiterated it as the new defining bed rock of America foreign policy patriotism. It does not matter what other people think, but the rational thing is ‘your country first’. Only lazy and sleazy nations want to constantly rely on other countries in the name the failed concept of globalisation.

We certainly hope that Nigerian establishment should be afraid now because their time is UP. Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group would happily give its national platform to any intelligent and patriotic and incorruptible Nigerian(s) between ages 22-45 years to use as their political and ideological underpinning to be elected during the 2019 general election.

We, members of Stand Youths and Lead Nigerian Group have seen that all members of Nigerian establishment have often worked against Nigerian and Nigeria’s interests amongst the committee of nations. Otherwise, how do you explain that Nigeria politicians would steal our common wealth (monies) and take all the stolen wealth out of Nigeria to dump same in the banks of foreign western nations and at the same time be asking the westerners for aid, how delusionary they are indeed with their skewed ideas.      

Particularly disturbing is the penchant for Buhari to delegate pressing and dangerous domestic problems such as; killing of over 5,000 innocent Nigerians in Benue and Southern Kaduna States, folks I mean over 5,000 innocent Nigerian lives, between May 2015 and 31 December 2016 to his roundly incompetent subordinates whilst he himself runs to want to frontally address other countries problems like the Gambia issue.It is shameful. Yet no western leader has ever shown any concern to such atrocities happening in Nigeria.

A particular point of concern were the disgraceful efforts of Obama, some local and international Nigerian academics like Soyinka, Tinubu, Obasanjo, Danjuma, Atiku, pastor Bakare and many other G. Os where they all personally ensured that innocent Nigerians and religious adherents were fed with quantum of lies to bring down a truly balanced government only to install Buhari an extremist in its stead. How is the country today? They should all apologise to Nigeria and Nigerians, if they are true patriots. Don’t expect it anytime soon because they would rather apologise to westerners as their appendages and extensions of their apron strings.

Dr Good Luck Ebele Jonathan’s democratic credentials far outweigh those of Barack Hussein Obama, in our view, based on empirical evidence currently in the public domain. President Jonathan ensured a very smooth and protest free handing over to Buhari on May 29th 2015 despite widely publicised evidence of electoral malpractices and fraud for instance; the Kano State INEC Residential Officer along with his wife and five (5) children were killed and burnt to ashes in their home during the elections. Till date, there has not been any enquiry, arrest or trail of suspects.
Regrettably, on the other hand, Obama ensured that Americans carried out protests, sometimes violent once, against mere political rhetoric of an incoming democratically elected administration of President Trump.

To us in Stand Youths and lead Nigeria Group is the height of failure and self aggrandisement on the part of Obama and his wife. Yesterday’s inauguration was not anything near a smooth transition of political power it has was blemished with Obama’s rhetoric. Did anybody listen to Obama’s speech yesterday in Florida? We couldn’t imagine that he and his wife were still calling out for Americans to make phone calls calling people to protests on the streets. President Jonathan did not and would never behave like that, so he beat Obama to it.

Can Obama’s conscience ever forgive him and his wife that through the eight years of his administration no white cops accused of killing innocence black men and women were ever tried or jailed? Yet he wants to blame President Trump for dividing America. Only the guilty and stone cold conscience will dine with Obama, from that perspective. Our opinion is that the black Americans have nothing to lose supporting President Trump. They are already down. Obama messed up the world and skewed moral and natural standards. Imagine the number of wars currently going on around the world today and all of them, directly or indirectly, have Obama’s hand in them.
Except some African countries that stopped him and his ideas like Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, South Africa, Britain, Russia and Kenya to mention a few. These countries are enjoying peace today. On the contrary, countries that listened and allowed Obama’s ideas to influence their policies like Ukraine, Libya, Yemen/Saudi war, Bahrain, Syria, Part of Turkey and Northern Nigeria to mention a few.

Does these evidence suggest that Obama left the world stage better than he met it, absolutely NO!

And to further think that Obama wanted to install a transgender expert as an Under Secretary in the United Nations (UNO) is abysmal and an attempt to introduce obscenity to humanity where no one can natural and genuinely distinguish between a natural man and a natural woman is trying to reverse nature to calamity in the pretext of evil human rights after deluding his listeners with English semantics.

Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group implores all patriotic Nigerian youths never to listen to such people and western countries again (article 9 of SYLN doctrines). Not surprising Buhari does not have a clue of what the concept of, ‘your country first’ means. No not him or members of his corrupt government and extremist subordinates. Buhari lacks the compassion and simple decency of expected of contemporary leadership.

Donald J. Trump, the new President of America will never do this. That is why he says, ‘America and Americans first’. Can you imagine a person like Buhari who rushes to sympathize with western leaders for the death of 1-2-3 or 10 of their citizens but has never visited the homes of theatre of war and atrocities across Nigeria to physically demonstrate his love and commitment to the affairs of Nigerians and Nigeria first. Can you imagine this and he has not been impeached?
Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group is saying that Buhari and his corrupt subordinates lack the national patriotic spirit to govern a beautiful country like Nigeria.

Thus all young men and women of Nigerian decent with impeccable patriotic alignment and commitment of Nigeria who can throw up their private and professional lives to the open for Nigerians, Not western countries, to judge that they are not corrupt and they are incorruptible. These people must be between ages 22-45 years old and must read and internalise STAND YOUTHS AND LEAD NIGERIA GROUP DOCTRINES, and should immediately join our call and prepare for nomination to be voted for by the 99.1 million (by 2019) voting Nigerian youths come 2019.
The current corrupt Nigerian establishment will never vote for the youths, just so that they can maintain their corrupt status quo ante, thus the onus falls on patriotic and highly educated Nigerian youths to step up to the plan and never vote again for anybody over the age 45 years old.    

Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria group supports the quick passage of the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ bill by the Nigerian National Assembly.


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