New Biafran: Avoidable Mistakes.

Since the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the following casualties have been recorded. (A) Two protesters were killed at Onitsha on 6/11/15. (B) Eighty three (83) pro Biafran agitators arrested at Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. (C) Forty four (44) Pro Biafran agitators are currently facing treasonable charges. Earlier this year (2015) someone was arrested at Enugu, trying to install transmitter for Radio Biafra. Revenues were lost as a result of shutting down Aba, Asaba, and Onitsha on 6/11/15 and 7/11/15 respectively.

In 2014, about thirteen (13) members of Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM) were arrested at Enugu, after they attempted to take over the Enugu State Radio Station. They are facing treasonable charges, and languishing on jail.
In 2013, over fifty (50) dead bodies of MASSOB members were discovered at Ezu River. In addition to the above, hundreds (if not thousands) have either died, injured, jailed or displaced in connection to pro Biafra agitations. The losers are Igbos. These deaths and losses could have been avoided, if these casualties and the leaders of various pro Biafran groups (MASSOB, BZM, and IPOB), had changed style and insist on the legal processes, since protests etc could results in deaths/injuries/imprisonments of their members (Igbos).
Judicial Procedures So Far.
Bilie Human Rights Initiative representing (Indigenous People of Biafra) in a case of self determination against the federal government of Nigeria. This case started since 2012. Nigerian government to settle N100 billion damages suit out of court. The Nigerian government agrees to settle out of court, in a case alleging a breach of fundamental rights and negligence to clear land mines and abandoned explosives from civil war sites. In December 2014, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) obtained a judgement against disparity in admission requirements for students seeking to study in the unity schools. Igbos can seek redress about the abandoned properties and the twenty pounds policy used against them. It’s never late to seek justice.
Where it’s not possible to seek legal redress, Igbos must work together with other tribes to change Nigeria. Igbos cannot go it alone. Name calling/name dropping/abusive words/threats etc will rather worsen the Igbo case. True federalism is possible and is in the best interest of all the tribes/zones.

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