Mr President: Please Save Us Further Embarrassments.

Mr President, yours truly is sorry, saddened and very sympathetic to your ill health. No person is immune from sickness or ill health. I pray and wish you quick recovery. The writer is one of your strongest supporters, at the same time, will also be one of your strongest critics. By virtue of your position as the President, your health status is a national concern. My worries are your frequent medical trips to London and when can Nigeria put to an end to medical tourism amongst by our leaders.
Let’s assume, there are no hospitals well equipped to treat you in Nigeria. The question is what plans have you /r government, to at least equip one hospital in Nigeria to international standard, in order to stop other Nigerian leaders from these overseas treatments (show of shame). Have you also considered the fate of poor Nigerians and tax payers whose money you’re using to treat yourself and other leaders. Don’t you think they deserve a good hospital to attend in Nigeria?
The wise thing to do would have been to at least equip one hospital. The nation would want to see a stop to frequent overseas medical trips by you and others, thus saving us from further embarrassments. These trips are too expensive that, the cumulative money spent so far by you and others before you, would have been more than enough to fix two or more hospitals in Nigeria.
Chinedu Vincent Akuta is the author of 18,366 Kilometres By Road. (An Account of His Adventure Trip From London to Lagos and Back to London by Land). A Thrilling and Fascinating Book.

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