Ministerial List: Matters Arising.

Yours truly is waiting for the Senate to officially announce the names on the ministerial list on Tuesday, 6/10/15. But so far, there are many names/lists all over the social media purported to be the Ministerial list. Be that as it may, now is the time to set the agenda for whoever will make it to become a minister (Remember they have to pass Senate screening). The first agenda should be that, the Ministers should publicly declare their assets, like President Buhari and his Vice have done. Presently, the Senate President (Saraki) is facing criminal charges at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, for false assets declarations he made previously. Since the President and Vice have gone public their assets, it makes sense that Ministers should also go public with their assets. Leadership by example. Hoping that Nigerians will take up this matter, as soon as Ministers are sworn in.

Ban Ministers and their families, from seeking overseas medical treatment. This was aptly captured on my article titled, My First Letter to President Buhari, part of the article stated thus, “This particular letter is in view of your cabinet, appointees, all top federal civil servants and yet to be appointed ministers etc. Please, ban any person(s) that falls into this category from seeking overseas medical treatments. At best, make it a condition of their service under your government”. The above advice becomes more useful now that the list of Ministers have been sent to the Senate President.

This might sound cruel, but Ministers children should be meant to study in public schools/universities etc in Nigeria, as part of their condition for serving Nigeria. But those with dual citizenship are free to study abroad. This will make the Ministers or whoever that would be in charge to feel, whatever pains, an ordinary Nigerian is passing through with training their children. During the time of President Goodluck Jonathan, universities were closed for a long time. Imagine if the education minister(s) then, or those in charge, had their children in public universities, such person(s), would do all he can to end the strike or the closure.

All Ministers should be paid in local currency (Naira). Ex President Obasanjo, paid some Ministers in dollars, during his time. Buhari should never allow this to happen. Anyone that is not willing to accept naira should not bother to accept the ministerial appointment. Next will be to disclose to Nigerians, what the salaries/wages/benefits of a minister is in Nigeria. We should follow the examples of President Buhari and his Vice. Nigerians know what they earn, so we should know what the Ministers would earn monthly/yearly.

Kuje Bomb Blasts (2/10/15).

This is indeed a tough time for Nigeria, especially the terrorist attacks. My heart goes out to the innocent Nigerians affected by these bomb blasts. The security services should step up their efforts to combating these killers. Nigerians also have more roles to play in this war against terrorism. Be vigilante. Report every suspicious movement(s). Consider every unknown face(s) around you as a suspect, until proven otherwise. Spy everyone around you. Together we can defeat terrorism. May God bless Nigeria.


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