June 12.

June 12th has become a landmark date in Nigeria’s political history. It has become a reference point for the only free and fair election in Nigeria. As we commemorate 17 years after June 12, 1993 presidential election, let us reflect and resolve to resist any future attempts to manipulate elections in Nigeria. Fraudulent elections are a threat to all and sundry. Make no mistake about it, electoral manipulation is the biggest hindrance to our progress in Nigeria. As we approach 2011 general election in Nigeria, let us resolve and rise in unity to ensure credible elections are conducted. To that extent, I suggest the following;
(a) Register for election, vote during election, and monitor elections in our locality. Make sure your vote counts.
(b) Report any suspicious movements, before, during and after elections.
(c) Embark upon massive awareness programme (political/electoral evangelism) on voter education.
(d) Join the campaign for electoral reform, preferably campaign for the re-introduction of Option A4.
(e) Ask questions/do proper investigations before voting any candidate. Make sure credible people are voted.
(f) Ask political aspirants/political parties to make public a set of requirements set by Save Nigeria Group (UK) Branch. A set of these requirements can be made available to you, upon your request. May God bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An activist and leader of “Support Option A4 Group” Leicester-UK

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