June 12, A Time in Times.


The Martyr of this democratic voyage remains largely uncelebrated at the National stage 23years after, and we yet wonder why egotism rather than altruism pervade our space.

We have found it unwise to name a National Monument in the Federal Capital Territory after MKO Abiola, and we yet wonder why patriotism is in short supply.

Whilst speaking today at the June 12 event in late Chief Abiola’s residence, I captured amongst other fundamentals the questions the nation must answer so the ship of State does not hit an iceberg.

Have we forgotten how a Muslim/Muslim (Abiola/Kingibe) ticket resonated indiscriminate of the dichotomies of region and religion? Have we forgotten the freest and fairest election in the annals of this nation? Have we forgotten the organic principle of Abiola’s quest for the presidency which was ‘farewell to poverty’? Have we forgotten how he trounced his rival Bashir Tofa in his electoral Ward in Kano? And have we so quickly forgotten the thousands who lost lives, limbs and livelihood seeking the actualization of the June 12 mandate, 23years after, where are we?

Countrymen and women, we can no longer continue to live a lie, we must be true to what we say on Paper. If we are the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then Power must devolve from the Federating Units. We must have true fiscal federalism and resource control. And in all governmental interactions and protocol we must make equity, justice, fairness, love and truth the summum bonum.

Restructuring of the Nigerian super structure holds the elixir to the internecine braggadocio of the Niger Delta Militants/Avengers. It is panacea to the festering agitation for Biafra. It is medicine for the villainy dealt the space by marauding Herdsmen. And it holds the magic wand against corruption.

Finally, we must in the words of MKO work such that ‘no Nigerian goes to bed without food’.

God Bless Nigeria.

Christopher Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.

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