Inaugurations of 29th May 2011.

My concern remains what inauguration means to ordinary Nigerians. Perhaps, it means hope for better things to come or hope for changes. The Nigerian masses are right to expect changes, but actualizing these hopes to realities are most times difficult. In the past, most electoral/governmental promises are never fulfilled. The question remains, what will be different this time around and what can the citizens do, to hold governments accountable to their promises and responsibilities. The author suggests the formation of active citizens watch dog. This is in addition to an earlier suggestion by the author for the formation of shadow government by the opposition party/parties.

“Politics is too serious a business to be left for politicians alone” Charles de Gaulle. Therefore, as Nigerians mark inaugurations at most states and federal level today 29th May 2011, the author advocates active participation of the citizens and the opposition parties to provide checks and balances. For our nation risks autocracy, without checks and balances. For the numerous court cases, resulting from the elections, nothing less than judicial transparency, free and fair trial will be accepted. As a way forward, forensic examination of all contested election results have been recommended.

For the innocent Nigerians that lost their lives through various electoral violence, may the almighty God grant their souls eternal rest. Our security agencies need to re-strategize for preventive and pre-emptive actions from now onwards. The nation also needs healing arising from the wounds of the last election. Healing will come when aggrieved Nigerians find justice thru the various electoral tribunals. May God bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An activist and Citizens Journalist, Based in UK.

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