Ibori Goes To Prison: Rejoice Not.

What difference does it make if one thief (James Ibori) goes to prison out of thousands that loot our treasury? As your reading this piece, a lot more looting is taking place or about to take place. On the other hand, half bread is better than nothing. At least one (James Ibori) is down. What about the rest? Will the rest treasury looters ever be caught and sent to prison? Yes if they are caught in UK or maybe other countries, and that is when they cannot escape, like Diepreye Alamieyeseigha did. In Nigeria no, rather treasury looters are rewarded with chieftaincy titles; some become kings and king makers. Other dine and wine with the President or publicly identify themselves with him, Chief/Thief Olabode George did it last year (2011), during the presidential election campaign. Rejoice not fellow Nigerians because we have not yet started fighting corruption. When we start, the rest of the world will begin to take us serious. Not long ago, some Nigerians were demonstrating that Ibori was innocent, before the same court, that sentenced him to prison. Those were paid demonstrators doing our image more harm. Are you sure, treasury looters will learn lessons from Ibori’s imprisonment? The writer is not sure about that. The writer is also concerned about how and when Ibori’s loot will be returned to Nigeria ? Who will receive them and how will the poor masses of Delta State and Nigerians get back their stolen money. Its not enough to send Ibori to jail, but the stolen wealth must get back to their rightful owners immediately. It’s a shame that our rulers, steal our money from Nigeria and bring it to foreign countries ( UK , Dubai , USA etc ), where the Western countries use it to develop their societies. There is no amount of kindness that will make the UK government to return 100% of Ibori’s loot. Some charges will apply, this is in addition to the wealth it has helped the UK economy create. The multiplier effects of Ibori’s looting are enormous. One thing is sure, he has impoverished Nigerians the more, while helping create wealth in UK . Same applies to all looters who have their loots in foreign countries. Fighting Corruption: Corruption is the biggest obstacle to our progress and development. The present leadership lacks what it takes to fight corruption. It is now left for the citizens, non governmental organization, Nigerians in Diaspora and the private sector to start waging wars against corruption. High crime rates, kidnapping, unemployment, and other social vices have a direct correlation with corruption. The writer suggests a synergy between groups in Nigeria and those in overseas, example Global Witness etc. Nigerians should volunteer whatever information they have concerning a treasury looter. CBN should enforce tougher anti money laundering policies. Nigerians can use the freedom of information act in UK and elsewhere to obtain information about suspected treasury looters. Name and shame any looter. Chinedu Vincent Akuta. An Activist and Citizens Journalist. akutachinedu@yahoo.com http://briefsfromakuta.blogspot.com

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