Home Truth Series: Imo & Enugu Airports.


Why not Igbos/South East Governments consider to directly upgrade the Imo Airport to a cargo destination port, rather than waiting for the federal government. Originally, this particular airport was built by Imo State indigenes before handing it over to the federal government. Igbos can do same and upgrade Sam Mbakwe Airport to cargo destination port. The five South Eastern Governments can pull resources together or mobilize resources among its citizens to do so. After upgrading, then they can approach the federal government for reimbursements. Due to delays experienced so far, the best would be to ask the federal to stay clear while the Igbos upgrade the facilities by themselves.

Same approach can be applied to the Enugu Airport. So sure that the costs would be affordable for the South East governments and Igbos. If Igbos are to fund these projects, then the direct labour, materials, local contractors must all come from the South East. These projects have the great potentials of boosting the South East economy. Projects like these are what should occupy our attention.


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