Ghost Worker Syndrome: An Awful Statistics.

Ghost workers syndrome is a menace and an avenue to drain the public till. So far the following numbers of ghost workers have been discovered. At the federal level, over 34,000 ghost worker were discovered at the federal civil service, saving the government N2.29 billion naira monthly. Over 43,000 were discovered on the military payroll.

About December 2015, Kebbi State Government uncovered over 30,000 ghost workers. These figures were discovered as primary and secondary school teachers. Bauchi State, discovered over 10, 000 ghost workers on its payroll. Kano State discovered 7,626 ghost workers  after its verification exercise. Kano State Government saves N283.5 million naira monthly as a result of the disclosures. Niger State uncovered 7,000 ghost workers on its payroll. Plateau State uncovered more than 5,000 ghost workers. Still in Plateau, a total of 1832 ghost teachers were traced to one individual alone. Kaduna State government now saves N120 million monthly, hitherto paid to ghost workers.

Anambra State, made a discovery of 850 ghost workers. Ebony discovered 838 ghost workers, employed as cemetery keepers. Bayelsa State discovered 300 ghost workers on its local government payrolls. Lagos State N25 million from monies paid to ghost workers. All these discoveries were made possible due to biometric verification exercises.

Opinion: Everyone found guilty as beneficiaries of ghost workers must be prosecuted and punished. The banks that aided these frauds must be punished.

C.V.Akuta Media UK.

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