Endorsing Buhari & Bakare.

Support Option A4 Group Leicester-UK, has endorsed Buhari and Bakare, for Presidential and Vice Presidential positions, for the April 2011 election. This decision was taken, based on the following(s):

(1) Immunity Clause(s) Removal.
Buhari has promised to facilitate the removal of immunity clauses from our constitution. Section 308 of the nation‘s 1999 constitution shields the President, his deputy, the governors and their deputies from criminal and civil prosecution during their term in office. With the removal of immunity clauses, The President, Vice Presidents, Governors, Deputy Governors etc can be prosecuted for civil or criminal offences. Immunity clauses frustrated the former head of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from carrying out his duties effectively.

(2) True Federalism.
Buhari also promised to initiate action(s) towards constitutional amendments, with a view to ensure true federalism. If you want true federalism then, vote Buhari/Bakare, CPC Party.

(3) No god father(s) and mother(s).
He/She, who plays the pipe, dictates the tone. “god fathers and god mothers” are the true enemies of the people and the state. We are convinced that Buhari/Bakare has no god fathers/mothers. Therefore they will discharge their duties without fear or favour.

(4) Insecurity.
Security and welfare are the primary responsibilities of every government. Consider this few statistics: (4a) Bomb Blasts: Suleja bomb blast, 3rd March 2011, over 5 died and many casualties. Warri Bomb Blasts of March 2010, about 8 died and many casualties. Abuja Bomb Blasts of October 1st 2010 and 31st December 2010. Over 25 people died and too many casualties. Jos Bomb blast on Christmas Eve (24/12/10), about 80 died and many injured. Yenegoa Bomb blast on Wednesday 29/12/10. (4b) Political Assassinations: In the last 12 years of PDP rule, Nigeria has witnessed over 160 high profile politically motivated killings/assassinations.(4c) Kidnappings and Armed Robberies: These have become daily occurrences. For a change, vote Buhari/Bakare CPC Party.

(5) PDP Romance With Ex-Convict.
Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Ex-convict Chief Olabode George sat prominently in the VIP stand at the PDP’s presidential campaign rally in Lagos. By this very act, PDP has sent a clear message that they cannot fight corruption etc. For war against corruption, vote Buhari/Bakare CPC Party.

(6) PDP Threat.
Former President, General Olusegun Obasanjo said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) must win the April 2011, Presidential election by all means. He made similar statement in 2007 and went ahead to manipulate then elections. PDP also threatened to rule for 60 years. This is the time for change. Vote Buhari/Bakare CPC Party.

Make That Change:
Please visit www.buharibakarevolunteers.net or www.buhari4change.com
Download/print out this message and distribute to people who do not have access to Internet. Send thru sms. For bulk sms click http://www.txtlocal.co.uk/?tlrx=8752. Pick up phones and make calls. Translate this message or related messages to vernacular/local languages. Hold town hall meetings etc. Mobilize one another etc. Send to all your contacts on facebook, twitter, myspace, yahoogroups, mailing lists, etc. May God Bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An activist and leader of “Support Option A4 Group” Leicester-UK
Facebook / C.v.Akuta.

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