Disenfranchising Fellow Nigerians.

The author is no longer surprised about what happens in Nigeria or what comes out of Nigeria. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise, when the House of Representatives stood down a bill, seeking to amend the 2010 electoral act that would have made it possible, for Nigerians in Diaspora to vote. Deputy Leader of the House, Leo Ogor raised concerns that Nigeria was not ripe for such an exercise, even when President Goodluck Jonathan promised that by 2015, those in Diaspora will vote. Over 20 African countries have already started Diaspora votes for their citizens, yet Nigeria is not ripe, according to the House of Representative deputy leader. This is pure man’s inhumanity to mankind. Disenfranchising fellow citizens.

Without doubts, greater part of our problems is from our “elites”. The author also remembered when the current Senate President (David Mark) was a communication minister, he said, “that telephone is not for the poor”. All previous governments have in one way or other pushed the people further into poverty. At present, our President appears to have made up his mind to remove the oil subsidy. All these are direct assault on the Nigerian masses both home and in the Diaspora. The only reason, why “any ruler” wakes up one morning to say or implement any harsh policy is because Nigerians are prepared to tolerate. There seems to be no limit to our tolerance level. The ability to accept/tolerate every thing the government does, is also our biggest hindrance to progress and development as a nation.

The time is now to start saying no and question any wrong policy. Whenever the government tries to impose a wrong policy, citizens should have no choice but to protest and resist peacefully. This can be achieved by mobilizing and educating one another that, good governance is our birth right(s). Enough is enough. May God bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An Activist and Citizens Journalist.

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