DHQ Warns Social Media Users.

Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Abuja has issued a strong warning to social media users, who engage in distorting information ,with intension to cause disharmony.  Part of their warning said thus, “The Defence Headquarters  (DHQ) hereby warns that it will not condone any unwholesome acts by persons or groups seeking to engage in acts that are capable of causing breakdown of law and order in any part of the country”…”The DHQ also wishes to advice the general public to ignore inciting pictures, videos and statements posted in some social media platforms”. (Source: Leadership Online News).

In addition to warning, it will be better if the DHQ can be countering the false propaganda on the social media sites, by being proactive rather than reactive. It would be near impossible to police the internet/social media. The best option is to feed the public with the truth and right on time too. DHQ should be careful not to trample on press freedom.

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