CPC Should Form Shadow Government/Cabinet.

For the survival of every democracy, there is the vital need for a very strong and effective opposition party/parties. Though as expected, the Congress For Progressive Change (CPC) declined the offer by the federal government to participate in a government of national unity. The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) also declined the offer. This offer by the PDP led federal government could be an attempt to weaken the opposition. Having declined the offer of government of national unity, now is the time for CPC to form a shadow government. CPC won over 12 million votes in the just concluded presidential election. CPC also have large supporters among Nigerians in Diaspora. Therefore, these large sympathizers/followers will like to see an effective opposition from CPC leadership.

Shadow government means, government is waiting. A good example of Shadow government/cabinet is the United Kingdom where opposition parties have shadow cabinet members in all the existing ministries. That is, all the government ministries should have its equivalent in the shadow cabinet. There will be nothing wrong to apply this method (shadow government) to the presidential system of government that we are practicing in Nigeria.

Shadow government will be able to critically examine every government policy and come up with a better alternative for the Nigerian people. Where money is to be spent on projects, the shadow government should be able highlight how and who can do such projects better and at a lesser cost to the Nigerian taxpayers. The benefits will be enormous to the Nigerian masses. The author suggests May 29th 2011 as the starting date for this. May God bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An activist and Citizens Journalist, Based in UK.

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