Contradicting The Common Sense Senator, Ben Bruce.

C.V.Akuta Media cannot independently confirm the story below.

Re: Senator Ben Murray-Bruce:

“I was prevented from shaking hands with President Muhammadu Buhari while another Senator was allowed to shake Buhari’s hand at the villa.”

Senator Sola Adeyeye provides insight on what really transpired.

“I (Senator Sola Adeyeye) was at the dinner. I sat in the front row along with other Principal Officers of the National Assembly. I had a vantage view of what transpired. I am disappointed by this comment from a respected colleague. I have on two occasions provided robust defense of Senator Ben Murray-Bruce. Not this time!

It was Senator Dino Melaye who first went to greet those seated at the President’s table, including President Buhari. He was well greeted. No one in the senate has criticized President Buhari more than Sen Melaye.

But as others rose to do what Dino had done, the scene got clumsy and indecorous because people were approaching the President’s table from different directions.

I sat between Sen Olujimi and Sen Bwacha. The three of us felt embarrassed by what was clearly a breach of dinner protocol. At that level, if dinner was served or being served, good etiquette demanded that the President’s table should not be approached. One should wait until people had finished eating. No senator in the USA would breach such elementary protocol.

We (on my table) predicted in whispers that colleagues would soon be barred from approaching the President’s table and it happened. The first person to be turned back was Senator Barnabas Gemade who was visibly embarrassed. He belongs to the APC; he is not a known critic of the President.

When I noticed that most people had finished their food, I approached the table and offered my pleasantries. Others followed suit. No one was turned back.”

~ Senator Sola Adeyeye.


– Senator Ben Murray-Bruce was mischievous and clever by half. He didn’t state in his update on Facebook and Twitter that the incident took place during a presidential dinner hosted for Senators.

– Senator Ben Murray-Bruce made it seemed as if he went to the President’s office and he was barred from seeing Mr President while another Senator was given unfettered access.

– Senator Dino Melaye clearly breached protocol. You can remove a Pig from the gutter, but you can never remove the gutter from the Pig. Who walks to the President’s table to shake hands with him during state function? Only bushmen like Dino and Bruce Lee.

I hope all those who have taken to Twitter and Facebook to lash at President Muhammadu Buhari because of what Senator Ben Murray-Bruce made you believe, will be bold enough to shamefully retract your vile and bullous vituperation now that it has been established that President Muhammadu Buhari has nothing to do with the DSS preventing the #Commonsense Tweetnator from walking to the President’s table to shake his hands.

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