CAN President (Ayo Oritsejafor); An Accessory To Crime(s).

Oritsejafor’s jet was seized in South Africa for ferrying $10 million dollars cash, in what South African authorities confirmed might be part of an arms deal. Why on earth would a pastor’s jet be used for such deal. First, carrying large amount of cash is illegal and money laundering. The worst being that this money was part of an arms deal. This is gun running and also a crime. The fact, that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s jet was used in this deal, makes him an accessory to the crimes of gun running and money laundering. So sure, he cannot claim ignorance of the above deal, because ignorance is not an excuse in law. The claim by Nigerian authorities as the owners of this money, make it look highly childish and suspicious.

If we examine the comments below by Ayobami Oyalowo, then it becomes clearer the complicities on the part of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

“But, here are a few questions keen watchers have been asking. FAAN just over a year ago readjusted the laws guiding the usage of non-scheduled commercial operators. The law according to the Nigerian aviation authorities seeks to regulate and stop the abuse by private jets owners, who turn their planes over for commercial purposes illegally.

Therefore one should ask, why was Pastor Ayo private jet leased out for a supposedly commercial purpose since August 2nd 2014 according to him?

Recall also that private jet owners were not only barred from leasing their planes out for commercial purposes, they were also barred from carrying people other than their family members.

The above reasons alone are enough to indict Pastor Ayo and his co-travelers”.

Implications: This can further generate tensions and increase suspicion, between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. More so, since Boko Haram attack has been on the increase, except Christians are preparing for self defence. Then a religious war is not far away.

Conclusions: Open and transparent investigations are needed. South African authorities should consider legal actions.


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